Antiallergic diet: you deflate and lose weight

With the anti-allergic diet you deflate and lose weight in a short time, getting back in shape and fighting allergies

With the anti-allergic diet it is easy to combat seasonal allergies, but also to lose weight and deflate.

The arrival of spring brings with it the desire to get back in shape, but also the pollens that are often responsible for annoying allergic reactions. Watery eyes, sneezing and inflammation are just some of the symptoms of this problem that affects many people. The solution also passes through the table, with a diet that allows you to counteract allergies and lose a few pounds.

Therefore there is plenty of room for whole grains, rich in mineral salts, vitamins and above all insoluble fibers, which improve intestinal transit, reduce belly swelling and help eliminate toxins. They can be accompanied with protein, vegetables or animals, always lean. Legumes and tofu are excellent because they contain very few calories and high satiating power, while lean fish is rich in Omega 3 fats, useful for reducing inflammation.

To counter histamine, opt for fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C, such as cabbage, spinach, broccoli, parsley, black currant, citrus fruits. To purify the body and reactivate the metabolism, don't miss a dose of miso and algae, detox foods and lots of beneficial properties. The anti-allergic diet also aims to limit or eliminate foods that can increase the symptoms of allergies. These are alcoholic beverages, cured meats, dairy products and processed products, rich in salt and sugar.

Every day at least five portions of fruit and vegetables should be consumed, both cooked and raw. How does the antiallergic diet work? At breakfast, enjoy a cup of green tea, a fruit smoothie and two wholemeal rusks. At lunch, bet on a plate of wholemeal spaghetti seasoned with zucchini and smoked salmon, while at dinner enjoy legume soup with kamut croutons. For the snack choose a deflated belly tea or a seasonal fruit.

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