Antibiotic resistance alarm, 700,000 deaths a year

Antibiotic resistance alarm, 700,000 deaths a year

The UN raises the alarm on the dangers of antibiotic resistance and estimates 700,000 deaths each year

700 thousand deaths a year and many new super bacteria: the UN raises the alarm regarding antibiotic resistance.

This is a problem that is becoming increasingly serious and too often ignored. According to a report released in recent days by the organization, together with the WHO, 10 million people will die by 2050 due to diseases linked to this frightening phenomenon, with devastating consequences. Antibiotic resistance indicates the ability of some microorganisms to counteract the action of medicines. It is a widespread problem in hospitals and linked to the indiscriminate use of generic drugs to treat any disease.

This is a problem that involves not only health, but also the world economy. According to UN research, resistant bacteria will bring "up to 24 million people to extreme poverty by 2030". These data led the experts to include the antibiotic resistance in the list of the 10 largest global threats of 2019. The current data, on the other hand, are discouraging and show that as many as 700 thousand people die every year precisely because of this phenomenon, still little known and often ignored.

The drugs we have been using for decades are becoming less and less effective and soon this will cause irreparable damage. The UN has estimated 10 million deaths a year until 2050, this because, due to antibiotic resistance, even simple operations could be very risky in the future. Childbirth or routine knee surgery could endanger patients' lives.

What to do to avoid such a big tragedy? The UN has proposed a series of measures to tackle the problem. The first step is to prohibit the use of some drugs that are often used by farmers and farmers on crops and animals.

The use of antibiotics means that medicines are taken by consumers through food and not just the tablets we buy at the pharmacy. To prevent this from happening again it is important to regulate the use of antibiotics in every area, making it more aware. Finally, according to scholars, it is necessary to invest in new technologies, financing research to combat microbes that have developed a drug resistance system.

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