Anticipatory anxiety, do you know what it is and how to overcome it?

Anticipatory anxiety, do you know what it is and how to overcome it?

Anticipatory anxiety is that sense of apprehension that comes at the mere thought of having to face a certain future situation. It can be very penalizing, that's why it's important to overcome it.

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Anticipatory anxiety comes in the form of anguish and fear at the idea of ​​having to face a future situation that in some respects could be risky, unpleasant or in some way disturbing.

Anticipatory anxiety, what is it
This apprehension could condition to the point of inhibiting the person who is affected by it, who could give up living the situation that worries them and refuse the possible opportunities, for fear of trying again that feeling of anxiety experienced in the past. In the most serious cases, the subject tries to avoid even important situations for his work or for his private life, thus compromising social relationships.

One of the effects of anticipatory anxiety is in fact to escape from situations that could cause anguish. Continuing to think about the future with fear also prevents us from living the present serenely.

This disorder generally affects people who suffer from anxiety problems, panic attacks and phobic tendencies.

Anticipatory anxiety, what it is, how to overcome it
The main advice when you are suffering from anticipatory anxiety is to think of something positive or to distract yourself by listening to music or doing something you like, instead of being overwhelmed by negative emotions.

It is very important in particular not to focus on the symptoms of anxiety, such as increased heart rate or shortness of breath, shifting attention by doing something else, for example by watching a comic film, reading a book or magazine.

Help to calm the tendency to be anxious can come from meditation and autogenic training, which bring attention to breathing and relaxation. Even keeping a diary in which you report the sensations that you experience about a certain future event can be useful to take awareness and at the same time the distances from the discomfort.

Wondering if this fear is truly justified, what are the positive aspects of the situation you fear and what you will face if you give up a certain occasion, favors the acceptance of what will come.

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