Antonella Clerici and the gesture for Elisa Isoardi on Instagram: it is peace between the two conductors

Antonella Clerici and the gesture for Elisa Isoardi on Instagram: it is peace between the two conductors

The relationship between Antonella Clerici and Elisa Isoardi seems to be increasingly relaxed: a significant gesture arrives on Instagram

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It is a long story that sees Antonella Clerici and Elisa Isoardi live quite distinct and distant. Although the conductors have never admitted it openly, between the two there seems to have been a rather heated rivalry, due to a single knob of discord: The Proof of the Cook.

The cooking program born just with Clerici was then entrusted to Elisa Isoardi, first for a temporary replacement and then permanently. The change in management was interpreted as unclear and, since then, the relationship between the two ladies of the stove has been characterized by frictions and competition.

In recent months, Isoardi and Clerici had, however, faced each other in an elegant way: Antonella had said her opinion on the drop in audience of the program, but exonerating Isoardi from any responsibility. Isoardi, in turn, had thanked her for the advice on the program, reaffirming that she saw it as a reference point.

Nevertheless, when La Prova del Cuoco closed its doors and made room for a cooking show hosted by Clerici, many thought that the two would face each other hard or, at best, they would ignore each other. Instead, it seems that things are going very differently.

One could even speculate that something is going on between the two that goes beyond mutual respect. Maybe not a full-blown friendship, but probably a support that declines any future meeting in a positive way: witnessing the change is a gesture on Instagram, precisely a like by Clerici to a post by Isoardi.

Clerici's "little heart" would not go unnoticed even if affixed to any photo of the beautiful Elisa, but the fact that the photo in question speaks of cooking seems to say it even longer, given that any misunderstanding was born due to a program in which the latter is the main theme.

The idea is to interpret it as a stop to the underlying enmities and unnecessary recriminations: better a beautiful friendship full of female solidarity. On the other hand, isn't it really at the table that we find ourselves more united?

Elisa Isoardi's post on Instagram

Elisa Isoardi's post on Instagram and Antonella Clerici's like

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