Antonella Clerici at 16: the vintage shot on Instagram is enchanting

Antonella Clerici at 16: the vintage shot on Instagram is enchanting

The presenter from Legnano shared a wonderful memory of her adolescence on the social network

Antonella Clerici: love, daughter, career

The summer that Antonella Clerici is experiencing is truly special. The presenter is in fact ready to start with her new program, the cooking show È Semper Mezzogiorno. In these days in Liguria for holidays with family and friends, the wonderful presenter often shares details of her days – and private and working memories – on her Instagram profile, where she is followed by over 800 thousand people.

Among the last details in this regard, it is possible to mention a splendid black and white photo, a shot that portrays Antonella Clerici at 16. The narrow foreground, focused on the wonderful eyes of one of the women who have made TV history in recent decades, dates back to the times when Clerici was a student of the Liceo Classico in her hometown, Legnano.

A few years later, the future host of many successful programs – who kicked off her dazzling career by telling Italians about the feats of their sporting favorites in the Dribbling program – would enroll in Law.

"When I was young … 16 years": these are the few and simple words chosen by Clerici to accompany the beautiful shot which, like all her photos, was greeted with numerous comments and likes.

Among these it is possible to mention the appreciation of Elena Sofia Ricci, as well as the comment of Enrico Mentana. The former host of La Prova del Cuoco, born in 1962, also revealed that the caption is not accidental: it is in fact the first verse of Logical Song, a piece by Supertramp and a song released right in the period when Antonella Clerici was a teenager.

There is no denying: as a girl Antonella Clerici was nothing short of wonderful! Many years have passed since that photo and, nowadays, the young woman full of dreams in that photo has become a strong woman, a successful professional and, first of all, a mother and a companion in love.

The life of Antonella Clerici is in fact illuminated by the love of Maelle, the daughter she had in 2009 from the former Eddie Mertens, and by that of Vittorio Garrone, oilman at her side for several years and with whom she shares her life in the wonderful setting of the now famous country house of Arquata Scrivia.

Antonella Clerici

Antonella Clerici at 16 – Source: Instagram @antoclerici

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