Antonella Clerici closes the restaurant. She consoles herself with Garrone on Instagram

Antonella Clerici closes the restaurant. She consoles herself with Garrone on Instagram

After being excluded from Rai's schedules, Antonella Clerici forced to close her declining restaurant after the change of management

Antonella Clerici: love, daughter, career

Antonella Clerici has decided to close the restaurant opened in 2015.

Black period for the presenter who, after the exclusion of the Rai schedule, is forced to give up her business as a restaurant entrepreneur. In fact, Antonellina closed the doors of Casa Clerici, the restaurant opened 4 years ago in the Campania region of Marcianise. According to reports from 361 magazines, the restaurant would not have managed the change of management.

At first, it was Clerici who took care of it personally. But then he left the task to others. Result? Poor cuisine and very high prices, at least from what we read in some TripAdvisor comments.

The presenter does not comment on the news, just as she has not exposed herself on the rumors of her likely conduct of Miss Italy which returns to Rai this year.

Antonellina prefers to relax with her family, in particular with her daughter Maelle and her partner Vittorio Garrone. One of the last posts on his Instagram profile is dedicated to him and their love.

The presenter shared a photo of the two of them, back to back, hugging each other, as they walk on a country road in Upper Normandy and comments: "We and our hugs ❤️". The shot arouses the applause of the fans and hundreds of thousands have "like" it.

Someone writes that Clerici is an indelible memory:

You are forever and you will remain a beautiful memory for all those mothers and grandmothers and women of all ages who have followed you for a life to the test of the cook! Sometimes it is true you need to change schedules or people but there are some things that regardless of everything they will belong to you forever …. the test of the cook IT WAS YOU !!! HELLO ANTONELLA I WILL BRING YOU A THOUGHT OF MY MOTHER EVEN IF I DON'T KNOW YOU!

A very sweet message that shows how much Antonella is loved by her audience. Certainly, the presenter will fight not only to be a memory but to return as soon as possible to TV, Rai or elsewhere, as promised in a recent interview.

And now perhaps with the power of love and affection he will overcome this difficult moment.

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