Antonella Clerici, Elisa Isoardi reveals what she thinks of the new show It's always noon

Antonella Clerici, Elisa Isoardi svela cosa pensa del nuovo show È sempre Mezzogiorno

Elisa Isoardi, star of "Dancing with the stars", reveals what she thinks of "It's always noon", Antonella Clerici's show

Elisa Isoardi, today the star of Dancing with the Stars, comments for the first time It's always Mezzogiorno, Antonella Clerici's new show broadcast on Rai Uno. The two conductors have always been linked by an invisible thread. Antonella has been conducting La Prova del Cuoco for years and during her motherhood it was Elisa who replaced her at the helm of the show. Later, when Clerici chose to abandon the program, Elisa took her place.

The comparisons between the two presenters have never been lacking, but both have always declared that they esteem themselves very much. After the closing of La Prova del Cuoco and the return to TV of Clerici with È semper Mezzogiorno, Elisa has revealed what she thinks of the program. “I saw the new transmission of Clerici and I also took some notes of recipes that I will prepare as soon as I finish Dancing – he told DiPiù -. We talked, I sent her good luck before it started. I'm happy for her, after all I too am immersed in a wonderful television experience ”.

The experience to which Elisa Isoardi refers is Dancing with the Stars. The transmission arrived in the life of the presenter after the end of the Chef's Test. Paired with Raimondo Todaro, Isoardi ignited the runway of Milly Carlucci's show, showing a great feeling with the dancer. So much that there was also talk of a love story between the two. “I'm single and serene – she clarified recently -. I am focused on work and not looking for a partner at all costs. In love I am not satisfied, I am quite demanding, it will be for the height and for the independent temper … this still scares in 2020 […] He is an exceptional boy and also the tender father of a little girl, Jasmine – he said, speaking of Raimondo -. Between us there is clear complicity and we want each other's good ".

Todaro is back from leaving Francesca Tocca, with whom he was married for several years and who gave him a daughter. Isoardi, on the other hand, has been single for some time after the end of the relationship with Matteo Salvini, now linked to Francesca Verdini.

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