Antonella Clerici is ready to drop everything

Antonella Clerici is ready to drop everything

The flop of Senza Parole led her to evaluate a break from TV

Antonella Clerici opens her heart in an interview with her friend SuperSimo published on Simona Ventura's Web TV. And without fear he admits that he is not having a good time working. "As a professional I have certainly experienced better moments." Without Words, she did not take off and earned her a Golden Tapir. THE PHOTOS OF ANTONELLA CLERICI

«It is a period of crisis for Rai: it has gone from too much to too little, from total laxity to a bureaucracy that stops you anything. But, slowly, we will find a balance ». The news at Rai are hard to take off, his latest program was the proof: «When you always have to make a wedding with dried figs it's hard. Maybe it's my fault too, that I always say yes. I won't be able to get results that, perhaps, I deserve and expect, but I won't give up, "he had told Valerio Staffelli of Striscia la Notizia.

Antonella is not someone who does not shrink from challenges. And he did not do it this time either, even though he knew that the television band was impossible: "Then in Canale5 there is The Secret that they put in the morning, for lunch, in the afternoon and even in the evening and it is quite tough. But it is clear that everything is fine for those who never try ». "Unfortunately we Italians have this vice that if you make a mistake, they tell you that you are no longer worth anything and that you are finished – he continues – It is a real shame because it seems that everything you have given no longer counts".

Taking a balance Antonellina does not rule out taking a break: «I give a lot to this job, but sometimes I think it is better if I stay at home with my daughter». He is seriously thinking about it. And if it does, we bet, it will return more charged than before, ready to reap new successes.

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