Antonella Clerici launches an arrow to D’Urso on Instagram

Antonella Clerici launches an arrow to D’Urso on Instagram

Antonella Clerici publishes an old photo in which she is disguised as Wonder Woman. Arrow in D'Urso or simple nostalgia?

A photo was enough for Antonella Clerici to raise the attention of the web and turn on the rumors of a possible rivalry with Barbara D’Urso.

Everything comes from the return of Barbara D’Urso on TV after the summer holidays. The presenter, after having taken over the guide of Pomeriggio Cinque, announced, with a commercial that leaves everyone speechless, the new edition of Live – It is not the D’Urso. In advertising, D’Urso wears the clothes of Wonder Woman and, under the astonished eyes of passers-by, walks vertically on skyscrapers.

A disguise that does not go unnoticed and that Barbara D’Urso showed on her social media profiles. Antonella Clerici also noted that, in a vein of memories, she posted an old photo dating back to 2009, in which she too is disguised as Wonder Woman on the set of Tutti pazzi per la tele. A post without comments, but that many have taken as a clear line to Barbara D’Urso.

In fact, there are several followers who, under the photo published by Clerici, claim to have noticed a dig at Barbara D’Urso. "Every reference is purely random!" One user wrote, on the same line as many other messages.

Female rivalries, as we know, have always attracted the attention of the public and have always been very harsh. Just think of Lorella Cuccarini and Heather Parisi, Romina Power and Loredana Lecciso, Simona Ventura and Alessia Marcuzzi or Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton. Will the two presenters also be added to this list?

No response to comments by Antonella Clerici who, after publishing the photo, decided not to feed the controversy and to drop the issue, at least for now. Silence also from Barbara D’Urso, who seems to have missed the reference to her disguise.

Moreover, the presenter is currently very busy. The start of her programs will keep her busy for six days a week. And, despite a bad and dangerous fall, she returned to work more loaded than ever, promising great news, interesting interviews and juicy scoops. Antonella Clerici, on the other hand, seems to want to enjoy some more holidays before setting up new work projects.

However, the question remains. Is Clerici's post a real dig at Barbara D’Urso?

The photo published by Antonella Clerici. Source: Instagram.

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