Antonella Clerici makes her debut with her recipe book for È semper mezzogiorno

Antonella Clerici makes her debut with her recipe book for È semper mezzogiorno

After the success on TV, the recipe book of "It's always noon" arrives: Antonella Clerici is unstoppable

Antonella Clerici: love, daughter, career

After leaving La Prova del Cuoco, his (momentary) departure from the stage had caused great displeasure among the audience. But we can now console ourselves: Antonella Clerici is back in all her glory, with an incredible charge of energy. And in recent weeks he has worked on many projects, including a recipe book.

Inspired by his show It's always noon, the one that marked the return to television of the beloved presenter with a daily appointment, the cookbook is a welcome novelty for viewers. In a long interview with Corriere della Sera, Clerici told a few more details about her editorial work and what lies behind yet another success. "This is special because it comes after an important change that I owe to Vittorio" – he revealed, referring to his partner – "It all started when I met him".

Words of love, those of Antonella. Addressed not only to Vittorio Garrone, but also to the splendid nature that surrounds her in her home in Arquata Scrivia, her paradise on earth: "Waking up here every morning, observing from the windows of my kitchen how much wonderful life is chasing out there is a dream that is realized. I found my dimension, I'm happy ”. It is precisely her world that Clerici has decided to carry on paper, narrating in over one hundred funny recipes, family anecdotes and ancient traditions that are lost in the mists of time.

The recipe book project was born in tandem with that of the show It's always noon, explained Antonella. “I'm not a cook, but I know how to understand people's needs which are mine. I live everyone's life: I go to the market, do the shopping, chat with the grocery store near my home … Never before have I been looking for kindness, warmth and nature as in this period. And like me most of the Italians ”.

Of course, there are many other commitments that the presenter has been carrying out in recent months. First of all, of course, the new format The Voice Senior: a debut with a bang, which surprised even the most skeptical viewers. "I am seduced by the idea of ​​giving a modicum of lightness to those who have suffered the most in recent months, for example 'the elderly'. People who walked the stage in their youth for pleasure, certainly not as a profession, but who, at the age of sixty and beyond, still have a lot to say. (…) The second part of life can be surprising “.

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