Antonella Clerici, special moments in the family waiting for the debut of the new program

Antonella Clerici, special moments in the family waiting for the debut of the new program

The presenter from Legnano celebrated the birthday of her sister Cristina, four years younger than her

Antonella Clerici: love, daughter, career

Antonella Clerici is experiencing a golden moment. The presenter from Legnano, in fact, is preparing for an important debut, namely that of the cooking show È Semper Mezzogiorno. Radiant, to say the least, Clerici has spent weeks of proper rest waiting for what is, in effect, a new and exciting chapter in her glittering career.

Between wonderful selfies without makeup and moments of tenderness shared with Maelle, the result of her love with the ex Eddy Mertens, the presenter, born in 1962, also found a way to celebrate the birthday of her beloved sister Cristina.

As evidence of this it is possible to quote a shot shared on Instagram, a social network where Antonella Clerici is followed by over 800 thousand people. The group selfie, published on Sunday 31 August, portrays Antonella Clerici, her sister Cristina, Maelle (who took the photo), Vittorio Garrone and four other people around the table of a restaurant.

It is clear that the diners have finished the main courses and are preparing to taste the dessert, a cake covered with fruits on which a candle stands. “Greetings beloved sister”: this is the caption chosen by Antonella Clerici to comment on a moment of the special day of a very important person for her.

Cristina Clerici, a psychologist by profession, is in fact very close to her sister conductor. Between them there are four years of difference in favor of Antonella. The former 'hostess' of La Prova del Cuoco spoke of their special bond some time ago in an interview with the Maurizio Costanzo Show.

At this juncture, Antonella Clerici specified that, despite being the younger, Cristina is the wiser of the two. The splendid Legnanese presenter also stated that they can hear themselves on the phone twice a day.

Antonella Clerici also revealed that Cristina – a psychologist in Legnano – is very attached to her granddaughter Maelle, whom she considers "her child". Since she was born in 2009, Cristina, who has no children, goes to Rome every fortnight to spend time with her.

There is no denying it: the relationship between the Clerici sisters is nothing short of strong. To realize this, one can also remember that, again during the interview on the Costanzo Show, Antonella spoke of Cristina calling her "his conscience". On the occasion of her birthday, she did not fail to celebrate it with affection, adding a very sweet memory to the many of a summer that was a turning point for her.

Antonella Clerici on her sister Cristina's birthday

Antonella Clerici celebrates her sister Cristina's birthday – Source: Instagram @antoclerici

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