Antonella Clerici, the memory of her mother: "She left suddenly"

Antonella Clerici, the memory of her mother: "She left suddenly"

Clerici told of the loss of her mother, who passed away prematurely due to an aggressive tumor

Antonella Clerici: love, daughter, career

We are used to seeing her with a smile on her lips and an irrepressible and contagious joy: Antonella Clerici, who is back on TV with È semper mezzogiorno, told of a great pain that affected her life and that today she has been able to transform, becoming an ambassador of the Airc, the association for cancer research.

"For me it is a great honor", he explained to Di Più in a long interview in which he spoke of two losses that left a great void in his existence: "I do it because I have my mother in my heart, and my friend Fabrizio Frizzi, who had to say goodbye to life too early because of this disease ”.

An affectionate memory is that of his friend, whose death, still today, pains the public very fond of the conductor. "Listening to your body is our duty, we must never forget that we love each other – Clerici explained to the weekly -. The sooner the diagnosis is made, the better, because today you can live with many forms of cancer. And I understood it, I understood it especially after Fabrizio's match, with whom I shared precisely this role of ambassador along with Carlo Conti ".

In the long interview, Antonella told how his colleague and great friend taught him to review priorities, that work is not the only important aspect of life and that at times it can make you lose sight of yourself: "Fabrizio, however, always has had a smile on his face, ”he revealed.

In addition to Fabrizio Frizzi, Clerici has lost another very important person due to cancer, her beloved mother Franca, who died prematurely in 1995:

It all happened suddenly. Mom had just returned from a trip to Mexico. She was beautiful as always, tanned, happy, full of the will to live because she was 55, with so many projects on the horizon.

But something was wrong: a pain in the breast and a fever led to the most ominous of the diagnoses: a malignant metastatic melanoma, which would have left no way out:

Unfortunately, no cure could have saved her, or at least slowed her detachment from this world. In short, they put me in front of a horrible truth: to say goodbye to my mother in no time.

Very difficult circumstances to face for the presenter, who tried in every way to make the last moments with her mother serene: “I filled her with hugs, kisses. I tried to make myself strong with her, to appear serene to live with the moments as if they were eternal ”. And today she teaches her daughter Maelle the importance of prevention:

Adolescence is near and the changes are immense. I'm telling her everything, woman to woman. It is important to love ourselves, to take care of ourselves first.

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