Antonella Elia and the De Grenet insult to GF Vip: "It was suggested to me"

Antonella Elia returns to talk about the clash with Samantha De Grenet at the "GF Vip" and reveals an unexpected background

Antonella Elia returns to talk about the clash on TV with Samantha De Grenet during the GF Vip and reveals an unexpected background. The rather heated confrontation between the two showgirls at the time caused a lot of discussion, especially because of the tones used by Elia.

Antonella, who played the role of columnist at the GF Vip, on that occasion entered the Cinecittà House, defining her colleague as a "bitch, poorly cleaned and also greased borgatara". And addressing it as the "queen of gorgonzola". The comparison and the tones chosen by Elijah caused much discussion. The reality TV columnist was criticized and accused of using "gratuitous malice" against De Grenet, shooting her at zero without knowing her personal history.

Months later, a guest of the Le Belve program, Antonella commented on that story, explaining that some insults would have been suggested to her. “I'm not sorry. Zero – revealed to Francesca Fagnani -. I spend my life looking at myself and saying: 'Oh my God, I have gained weight'. My friends and I say to each other: 'But you have gained weight', 'You have lost weight', 'Your breasts have gone down or up'. We do body shaming from morning to night then, me and my friends. I made a joke, if then a Greek tragedy broke out, shit ”.

Elia then added other details about the famous quarrel with De Grenet: “I think some things have been said after careful consideration to get me out, period. That's what I think, ”he confessed. In particular, Antonella told Belve that the phrase “queen of gorgonzola” would have been suggested by someone behind the scenes of the GF Vip. “I say it. This was suggested to me – he explained -. I didn't have the faintest idea that she had advertised Gorgonzola. It is not my sack flour. It was to make people laugh, only it turned out a tragedy. But I was told that thing, I was told to tell him and I: 'Okay, I'll tell you'. I'll never tell who suggested it to me. However, I had never even seen that advertisement. I did some commercials too, but at the beginning, while she did it at the peak of her career. So, I was told ”.

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