Antonella Elia, radiant with Pupo for the GF Vip. And Valeria Liberati warns her about Pietro

Antonella Elia, radiant with Pupo for the GF Vip. And Valeria Liberati warns her about Pietro

Antonella Elia is ready for the GF Vip and shows herself smiling next to Pupo, while a friend of Temptation warns her about Pietro Delle Piane

10 things to know about Antonella Elia

For Antonella Elia the good mood seems to have returned, the showgirl is ready to wear the role of the columnist at Big Brother Vip, together with her friend Pupo, led by the conductor Alfonso Signorini: on the Instagram profile of the sparkling Elia a photo has popped up that he portrays smiling together with the new colleague, with the words “Beware of those two”.

Sparks are expected between the two commentators, who already in the promo showed themselves pungent and irreverent, ready to have their say on the VIPs who will participate in the reality show. The officialization of the cast came after several rumors and multiple denials, as well as the news of Antonella's presence which pleasantly surprised the showgirl's fans.

Antonella's new work, therefore, comes after a rather difficult period for her, who came out burnt from Temptation Island because of her partner Pietro Delle Piane. Despite getting back together, it would seem that the magic of their relationship has somehow been damaged. Yet, the showgirl wanted to try again in spite of everything.

Not only did her fans tell her to look for love elsewhere, but a dear friend also tried to warn her about Pietro: we're talking about Valeria Liberati, a Tempation Island competitor who has a lot of bond with Manila Nazzaro and Antonella. Interviewed by Super TV Guide, Liberati declared that in her opinion Antonella was too good and understanding with Pietro, who did not prove to be up to the love of his partner.

I hope Pietro doesn't do nonsense anymore because Antonella is a woman who deserves so much love. If I had been in his place I would not have tolerated the offenses. Pietro exaggerated because he went personal and I don't know if I would have overlooked it. Antonella is a very sweet person, sensitive and with an indescribable strength. His love for Peter could be read in his eyes. At the bonfire he wanted to make her pay a little even though I knew she would retrace her steps. I don't want to criticize anyone, because everyone is free to do what they want. The important thing is that he is happy.

Her friend's words, therefore, are a simple warning for Antonella, but Valeria knows very well that she is unable to criticize. After all, Liberati has also retraced her steps with her relationship: after having said goodbye rather abruptly to comrade Ciavy, whose real name is Andrea Maliokapis, the couple are back together.

Antonella Elia and Pupo

Antonella Elia and Pupo are radiant and ready for the new GF Vip – Source: Instagram

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