Antonella Ferrari's touching monologue on sclerosis: "I don't hide anymore"

Antonella Ferrari's touching monologue on sclerosis: "I don't hide anymore"

Antonella Ferrari, actress suffering from multiple sclerosis, moves with a touching monologue in Sanremo 2021

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 4: third evening

Intense, touching, profound: this is Antonella Ferrari's monologue on multiple sclerosis in Sanremo 2021. The actress, who took the stage on the third evening of the Festival, gave us one of the most exciting moments of the event. Once again it is women who illuminate the Ariston, with stories of real life, exposing weaknesses and showing extraordinary strength. After Elodie, who moved the public in the second evening of Sanremo 2021 by revealing her difficult past, it was the turn of an actress who did not give up in the face of the disease.

Wrapped in a proud and beautiful red dress, the artist told a story that is that of many people. Twenty years spent wondering about symptoms and signs, the numerous medical visits, the hypotheses and ultimately the diagnosis: multiple sclerosis. Two words and an illness in front of which Antonella Ferrari never stopped. "Here doctor, these are my medical records: I have done a lot of tests. she understands that I'm tired of wandering around, all these medical luminaries in the end all say I'm crazy ", the actress's monologue began like this, leading the audience into a story, hers. “I spent 20 years visiting dozens of doctors, always telling the same symptoms: tiredness, trembling, tingling, blurred vision, jolts in the back – he revealed -. I'm tired. What can we do? Other exams? Do I have to do them all again? No doctor I'm not worried, I'm just tired. I want to know what I have. I want to know what I have! ".

Then the diagnosis: "Then you discovered my enemy. Yes, it's called multiple sclerosis ”. A moment that marked Antonella's life: the actress did not give up. “Now I smile because I don't have to hide anymore. I'm not scared, I'm relieved – she explained -. From today my life begins in the light of the sun. I will be able to walk without hiding. I will no longer be the shadow of my illness. I will be, on my way, luminous. Even when it is dark ".

At the end of her story, Antonella Ferrari thanked Amadeus for having strongly wanted her at the Sanremo 2021 Festival. “Thank you – he said to the conductor -. Because staying here, for an actress who hasn't worked for a long time, is a breath of fresh air. I am not multiple sclerosis. I am Antonella Ferrari ”.

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