Antonella Mosetti positive for Coronavirus: the story on Instagram

Antonella Mosetti

On Instagram, Antonella Mosetti revealed that she had tested positive for Coronavirus after returning from a holiday in Sardinia

Coronavirus, from cinema to sport to politics: famous people infected

Antonella Mosetti is positive for Coronavirus. To reveal it on Instagram was the showgirl who revealed that she had undergone the swab on her return from a holiday in Sardinia. "I returned from Sardinia a few days ago and immediately had the serological test which was negative – she explained to her followers -. But, don't worry, I also did the swab which came out positive. So I've been in self quarantine for a few days. I ask you to do the checks because you cannot be indifferent to this virus. I am asymptomatic. I only smell very little of the smells and flavors, but there are people who are really sick. In these cases, great respect for others is needed ”.

In a video that appeared in the Instagram Stories, Antonella explained that she had revealed her positivity to Covid-19 to push others to undergo the necessary checks. “You are asking me about the various symptoms I have – he added -. I took the milder form of this virus because I am asymptomatic. I have no fever, I have no cough. I'm just a little tired and sleepy, I don't feel much flavors and I don't smell. This was the alarm signal that prompted me to swab – he concluded -. I made this statement because many people who were with me in Sardinia I see them continue to go around, they have not done anything yet, so they could attach it to older and weaker people ”.

Antonella Mosetti was spending her holidays in Sardinia, the favorite destination of many famous people. Like the showgirl, many other VIPs have said they have been infected by Covid-19. Among them Federico Fashion Style, a VIP hairdresser who announced on Instagram that he had tested positive for the virus. “I performed the swab immediately after returning from holidays in Sardinia – he explained on Instagram – even if I had done the test and it was negative in Rome I took the swab and it was positive! I am at home in absolute isolation, I have a fever and I have very strange symptoms! I recommend guys – he concluded – for all those who like me have returned from holidays and have frequented crowded places, swab immediately! It is important for yours and for the health of others! I keep you updated! ”.

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