Antonella Mosetti, the story with Aldo Montano: “We have lost two children”

Antonella Mosetti, the story with Aldo Montano: "We have lost two children"

Antonella Mosetti recalled her story with Aldo Montano: they unfortunately had to face two abortions in seven years of relationship

GF Vip 6: the official cast

Antonella Mosetti chose the pages of the weekly Chi to confess about her love life and in particular about the long history she had with Aldo Montano, who is currently among the competitors of GF Vip 6. Finding inner strength and courage, she wanted to retrace the most difficult moments of their relationship and confessed that they have sadly lost two children.

Antonella Mosetti and Aldo Montano have lost two children

“We lost two. The first was a bolt from the blue. The second, however, a blow to the heart. We were in the Seychelles. I didn’t want to go there, but to make him happy I decided to leave. Back in Rome I was operated on urgently. There was nothing more to be done. Does the pain unite? In our specific case, yes. We had a very similar sensitivity. A glance was enough to understand each other. We were very badly ”.

A very raw story, which cannot fail to reach the heart. Especially because, in the end, they partly found the strength to recover, to move on and to face life. Although today it is over between the two, from Mosetti there are only words of incredible affection, esteem and respect for Aldo.

A strong bond, but one that did not resist

Mosetti also spoke about the interview that Montano gave to Corriere della Sera. On that occasion the sportsman had been very direct, admitting that he hadn’t built anything important with Mosetti. A somewhat unfortunate phrase, which left Antonella with a profound sense of disappointment, particularly because having shared many years together, having faced the pain of two losses and having participated in part in the growth of Asia Nuccetelli is not to be defined as “nothing important”.

“Come on! We were together for seven years and most of the time under the same roof. How can we deny what we have lived? ” Between Montano and Mosetti, the end of the relationship came mainly for work reasons that continued to make them distant: “If a son had arrived, maybe it would have been different”. Nonetheless, she was also able to offer some very nice words.

“I will carry Aldo forever in my heart. I love him like all the people with whom I have experienced something special. He wanted children and the idea of ​​knowing that he is a father makes me very happy ”. At the moment, Montano has two children – Olimpia and Mario Jr – who were born from the marriage with Olga Plakhina. Even today, however, Montano hears Asia Nuccetelli from time to time. “If Asia is so serious and rigid at work, it is only her merit”. A thank you, therefore, that will never end, because, fortunately or not, the past cannot be erased.

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