Anxiety about math? Use the Parenting Guides

Anxiety about math?  Use the Parenting Guides

Help your children study math with #Mammacheconta parenting guides full of useful insights and practical advice

Anxiety about math? Help your kids study math with #Mammacheconta parenting guides! Lots of useful ideas and practical advice to improve your children’s relationship with studying.

Mathematics is one of the school subjects that children like least, and perhaps the one around which the most unfounded stereotypes revolve. “What is mathematics for?”, “I am not inclined to mathematics”, “Mathematics is not a subject for girls”, “Why learn to count when there is already a calculator?” …

To complicate an already critical situation, traditional teaching takes place, which does not always aim to make students understand the effective use of mathematics, through concrete examples of application, but focuses largely on the memorization of calculation techniques. Result? Studying mathematics is boring and daunting.

The big mistake you can slip into is minimizing the effectiveness of your parenting role in eliminating this “sense of math inadequacy and inability”.

The Redooc #Mammacheconta guides have come to your rescue, full of practical advice applicable in everyday life to mitigate this destructive sense of aversion towards learning mathematics.

Bridge the gap between math (as a school subject) and everyday life

Discounts at your favorite clothing store? Card game and board games during the holidays? Common shopping for a picnic in the park? Balance on the credit card?

Show your kids the thousand applications math has in everyday life and unhinge their classwork anxiety. It shows that the lesson on percentages can also be reviewed at the supermarket, deciding which product is more convenient to buy.

Redooc, the digital teaching gym for all learning styles

Follow the many ideas offered by the #mammacheconta guides – register on, you can find them in your parent profile – to encourage your children to have an unconventional and creative approach to studying. Redooc helps students, from Primary School to University, in difficulty with mathematics thanks to interactive exercises explained and video lessons that combine stories and concrete examples, through a simple and informal language.

Each post is also accompanied by its audio reading in the form of video or with the help of Text to Speech. This also helps students with reading difficulties, as well as the ability to choose the type of font with which to read the lessons and related texts. The platform offers the possibility to customize the font to increase accessibility even for pupils with SLD.

By leveraging the game and the spirit of competition inherent in each boy / girl, take advantage of the gamification on which the platform is based and get involved in the first person. Activate a challenge mechanism with your children and face each other in a race to the last expression.

How can you expect your children to get over the math question bug if you yourself are insecure about this subject?

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