Anxiety and depression: here’s how to help yourself with the right foods

ansia depressione cibi

Anxiety and depression can also be fought with the help of the table: here are the right foods to regain well-being.

Among the evils of the centuryanxiety and depression are undoubtedly among the most common. The pandemic then helped to increase the numbers, which were already high. In Italy, according to Istat data of 2018, depressed people exceeded 2.8 million. The numbers are therefore growing. That is why it is important not to underestimate this type of ailment.

anxiety depression foods

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Those who suffer from it are often also subject to a great sense of discomfort and it is not always easy to get out of it, in this regard one should operate on several fronts including that concerning the table.

L’In fact, nutrition plays an essential role in this type of disorder, that’s why we should introduce some foods that can help us fight against anxiety and depression. Of course, it is equally essential to consult a specialist.

Here are the right foods to fight anxiety and depression

Very often without even knowing it some foods can help with anxiety and depression. For example some foods stimulate serotonin, a hormone capable of immediately giving us the good mood. If you are also suffering from stress, these foods can help.

anxiety depression foods

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Some foods are real sources of serotonin. Among these we undoubtedly find cocoa and dark chocolate, but there are also kiwis, pineapples, cherries, tomatoes, bananas and nuts.

For example also i oil seeds, legumes and cheeses they give a sense of well-being and serenity. And then there is the tryptophan an amino acid present in many proteins of animal and vegetable origin that our body is unable to synthesize and therefore we must introduce with food.

If i carbohydrates totally from your diet you can run into a bad mood because sugars are the source of energy that the human body prefers and they are able to raise serotonin levels. In case of depression, following a diet that excludes them can be counterproductive.

Cereals, bread, pasta and rice they are therefore to be introduced, but better if chosen in their form whole wheatin this way the blood sugar levels will be kept stable making the mood better too.

Those who follow a certain type of diet are less likely to suffer from depression and anxiety. For example, those who eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, but also grains, legumes, seeds and nuts, as well as foods that contain unsaturated fats including oily fish, are less prone to such ailments.

In reverse those who eat fatty foods, calories, sweets, refined cereals, fried foods, red meat and dairy products in abundance, leaving out the consumption of fruit and vegetables, can suffer more from anxiety and depression.

Generally who it is deficient in vitamins including D and some of the B group, such as B6 and B12, but also mineral salts such as magnesium, zinc, selenium and iron can be more prone to fall victim to anxiety and depression.

In this sense, seasonal fruit and vegetables can play their part by providing antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids which have antidepressant and anxiolytic effects.

By following an unbalanced diet we will be more prone to run into a bad mood, as the functions of our brain will also be altered.

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