Anxiety attacks: 6 ways to fight them instantly

Don't get carried away by panic, just a few tricks are needed to live better. And remember to self-motivate yourself and accept yourself

Anxiety is one of the most common disorders of our time and often manifests itself with violent and sudden attacks of fear.

About 10 million Italians suffer from panic attacks, among these we find not only ordinary people, but also famous people who over the years have had to deal with this problem, from Fabrizio Corona (it was Belen to reveal it) to Violante Placido, passing through Madonna and Aida Yespica. The last to tell his relationship with anxiety was Giovanni Allevi, who in an interview with Verissimo revealed: "I thought I had overcome this problem, but on a trip in the middle of the night from Trieste to Milan I had a new panic attack. The fact is that the God Pan within us rebels against this life ".

Moments of crisis, apparently caused by anything, normally last 30 minutes, but in severe cases they can last up to 6 months. The episodes of anxiety are manifested by tachycardia, vertigo, extrasystoles, sudden sweating, tremor, feeling of suffocation or asphyxia, pain or feeling of weight in the chest, nausea, fear of dying or going crazy, chills or flushing.

Our body takes about three minutes to react by producing adrenaline. So it is important to act in this time to cushion attacks and reduce side effects. The number one rule is to try to stay calm by acquiring the awareness that the panic episode will end. Where to repeat that everything will be fine.

The Womenosophy site suggests 6 simple ways to reduce anxiety. Learning to manage it makes the difference: watch the video.

1 – Repeat that all is well: do not blame yourself if you have panic attacks. Learn to breathe properly, it will help you find calm. Hyperventilation is often caused by anxiety.

2 – Say stop before negative thoughts invade you.

3 – Automotivatevi: it does not matter if you have not passed an exam or did not get the job you wanted. Think that all is well and that tomorrow you can try again. If this is not enough, repeat that you have survived worse situations. Remember that replacing negativity with positive statements is the first way to avoid panic attacks.

4 – Accept: accept the fact that you suffer from anxiety attacks, but give them the right weight. In this way, panic will manifest itself less.

5 – Do physical activity: there is no need to enroll in the gym. Just take the stairs, keep your mind busy, take your thoughts away from anxiety. Moving will bring you back to the here and now, at the present time which is the only one able to get you away from panic.

6 – Keep an emotional diary: when the panic attack is over, try to describe what happened: what triggered it, what feelings you felt, how you felt physically and psychologically and how you overcame it.

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