Apple diet: 3 days to detoxify

Apple diet: 3 days to detoxify

Getting back into shape has never been easier thanks to the apple diet. It lasts three days and has a super detox effect

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Are you looking for a fast and effective detox diet? Try apples, which help you feel full and detoxify in just 3 days!

Very little is missing from the dreaded costume test and the time has come to try some bump treatment, to get flat stomach and slender legs in a few days. Help can come from the apple, a fruit that is found all year round and has many beneficial properties for our body. In particular the yellow and red ones have a great satiating power, they help lower cholesterol and reactivate the metabolism. This is why they are the perfect allies for a super effective detox diet.

The apple diet is very simple to follow and protects us from the annoying yo yo effect. This diet regime in fact makes us lose weight gradually, especially eliminating liquids and promoting microcirculation, to say goodbye to cellulite and hated fat pads.

How does it work? The food program lasts three days, during which only apples are consumed, combined with vegetables or yogurt. The first day is dedicated only to this fruit: you will have to consume about 4/5 kg. If you want to feel immediately satisfied, choose the red ones, while if you want to vary you can add yellow ones to the table. During these 24 hours we advise you to drink a lot of water (at least 2 and a half liters) and have a nice walk in the fresh air.

Once the strongest phase has passed, you can also start eating other foods, combined with apples. First of all, natural white yogurt, but also kefir. Finally, you can also bring vegetables and other fruit to the table, to be savored together with your apples. The detox effect is guaranteed and is noticeable from the first day, thanks to the healing power of apples.

Once you reach the weight you want, you can stay in shape by continuing to take advantage of the properties of apples. Like? By consuming only this fruit once a week.

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