Apply nail polish without smudging: tricks for a top manicure

Apply nail polish without smudging: tricks for a top manicure

Doing a manicure at home can be difficult but with a few tips and tricks, applying the nail polish without smudging is a breeze.

The hands are one of the most visible parts of the body, which allow us to express ourselves and are real protagonists. Hence, poorly maintained nails, natural or with enamel, may not be a great business card. Often, however, we find ourselves with regrowth nails, with poorly applied or chipped nail polish, out of laziness or because the nail technician does not have appointments available.

If applying the semi-permanent nail polish turns out to be a little more difficult, the classic nail polish is a good compromise to always have hands in order. Not everyone, however, has great manual skills and often give up applying it to avoid smudges and imperfections. In reality there are many tricks, tricks and strategies to succeed in the enterprise, seeing is believing!

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If you don't have much manual skills, go for light or glitter glazes

First of all it is important, especially for those who are beginners, to prefer light or glitter enamels. Any smudging, in fact, will be much more visible with dark, colored or burgundy nail polishes, which tend to stain the skin more. Furthermore, with these intense shades, the application must also be precise as regards the shape, otherwise the edge of the nail will be not very homogeneous.

With light glazes, on the other hand, the game is simplified: some small smudges, especially with the milky or naked ones, are almost invisible and, even if you remove them, if any residue remains, the hand will be in order overall. Glitter enamels are also an excellent stratagem, because in themselves they are not a uniform color, but faceted with reflections, which therefore camouflage any mistake.

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With flat and large brushes it is easier to apply nail polish

In addition to the color, it is important to choose a product that is easy to apply, in order to simplify the manicure. A small, rounded brush is more difficult to handle, because you have to go over it several times to cover the entire nail bed. The flat and wide brushes, on the other hand, rest on the nail and cover it almost completely and are easier to use. In doing so, a first pass and a small touch up right at the edges will be enough to complete the first layer of enamel. In addition, they often have a slightly rounded tip that naturally accompanies the shape of the nail.

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If you want the polish to last as long as possible, avoid these two gestures

To make nail polish last longer, however, avoid two gestures that are almost spontaneous. First of all, avoid banging the nail polish to mix the color well. An enamel still in good condition should not be separated, i.e. it should not have oils or liquid substances on the surface. Shaking the glaze creates bubbles in the product, a bit like shaking any liqiudo. These bubbles, then, could create air during the application on the nails, not making it adhere well and, in doing so, the enamel could chip off earlier.

As with mascara, then, do not open and close the bottle several times by moving up and down with the brush, because this would incorporate air into the product and, again, the result is a less lasting polish once applied to the nail. Then remember to clean the edge of the pack well once the manicure is finished, because too much product accumulation on the glass will tend to dry out and cause the container to close badly. The nail polish inside will be damaged first and it will be more difficult to apply it on the nails, because it is pasty.

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It's time for application: here's how not to go wrong

To apply the nail polish there are some tricks to make the moment of the manicure easier. Take your time, take your time, not only because each nail polish has a different drying time, but also because it's easier to smudge if you want to try and do it fast. In fact, a correct application requires several thin passes for a homogeneous color, without however creating product accumulation.

Start with a very light first coat, it doesn't matter if the color isn't full, the next ones will take care of it. Applying a little product makes it dry much faster, while thick layers tends to never let the nail polish dry, which is why it is easier to create marks.

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A life-saving trick for a perfect manicure

If you really can't be precise, there are two most effective methods to solve this problem, especially if you dirty the gyrocuticle. First of all, you can apply a little oil on the skin around the nail with a small cotton swab, but be very careful not to let it go over it. By doing this, the nail polish will not be able to stick to the skin and, washing your hands, it will be easy to remove any excess. Be careful though, because if the oil ends up on the nail, the duration of the enamel would be reduced.

Alternatively, you can use specific products that create a sort of protective film on the edges of the nail. Once dry, proceed to apply the nail polish and then remove it by pulling it away. In this way, the residues of enamel and smudges will be on the product and not in contact with the skin, and therefore will be removed once the film has been removed. To tell the truth, if you don't want to buy a specific product, you can also use the classic vinyl glue, the result will be the same!

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Smearing? No problem, here's how to fix it

What if there is now a smudge? The corrective pens are excellent because they are very precise and easy to use. However, they have a short life, because the tip tends to get dirty often and, despite being supplied as spare parts, they must still be replaced frequently. Certainly a cheaper solution is to use a cotton swab and solvent. Choose small and pointed cotton buds and soak only the remover tip, otherwise without exaggerating cholera even on the part of the enamel that you do not have to correct.

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