Are Morgan and Asia Argento back together? Confirmation on Clubhouse

Asia Argento

There seems to be a flashback between Morgan and Asia Argento, one of the most talked about couples ever

Passionate, chatted, complicated: all the loves of Asia Argento

Morgan and Asia Argento, a returning couple? Well, it seems that between the two exes there is a kind of bond: they are no longer at war, they support each other and above all they have expressed their intention, one day, who knows, to get back together. To show themselves to fans, they exploited the popularity of one of the Social Networks of the moment: Clubhouse.

They spent almost an hour last night chatting about this and that, about their past and in particular about the newly found relationship. For years, the two have in fact had the opportunity to experience new loves, but above all there have been many fights. It seemed that they were lost and distant, as if there could no longer be a meeting point.

For the occasion, Morgan and Asia have opened a room on Clubhouse: "The Royal Couple", the Royal Couple. For some time there had been talk of a bond between the two, but they were just rumors. "We try to get together again", admits Asia, to the amazement of the spectators, who certainly did not expect such news. "Why did we break up?" Morgan asks.

And this is where they start talking about their open-hearted love, as perhaps they never did before. “We were immature. It was a violent, fragile, desperate love. Our love was as bad as the weather: true, beautiful, happy. " Their relationship was undoubtedly not easy, as they were often chased by the paparazzi. Everything had lived in the light of the sun. Of course, protecting your privacy in this way becomes impossible.

Asia herself underlines: "The love we felt frightened everyone. He was spied on and we spied on him. " Between one joke and another, in which they both let themselves go to memories, they even choose the moment to go back to being a couple. “I love you, Marco,” says Asia. “We have to get back together. Let's do this crazy thing. "

Morgan replies: "When?" The woman proposes the various seasons, joking a little about the nostalgic autumn. And when he talks about spring, he agrees. "Yes, give me this gift, in spring I always see others happy and I am melancholy." But ultimately, will the two really get back together? It seems like a confirmation, but more like a game. In the meantime, however, the serene is shining: they have resumed talking, joking. And who knows that love in their hearts may not be reborn in them.

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