Are you elegant suit addicted? Watch out for these mistakes that ruin your look

Chic, elegant without overdoing it, a great choice for the laziest of us. Elegant overalls have been part of our wardrobe for some years and even the most reluctant ones have given in to buying at least one (just like that for the summer, you never know). Let’s find the worst style mistakes.

From the wrong size to the “mannequin length” that never matches ours. Apart from these details (always too common but resolvable thanks to a good seamstress) with one-piece suits and no matter how comfortable they are, it is good to be fit enough to be able to wear one without feeling uncomfortable.

Women's full suit 10-4-22.

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For the shorter ones, those with bell bottoms or oversized patterns are strongly discouraged. The result will be that of appearing an indefinite, multicolored shape, but difficult to be admired when one is not very identifiable …

The mistakes to stay away from with elegant suits

As a first rule they go delete the giant lines, xxl colored polka dots, and in general everything that resembles a circus tent. A decisive yes instead for small spring flowers, for the crystals in the key points to give light and for the solid color.

Red jumpsuit 10-4-22.

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The jumpsuit when you are not very experienced should be worn by one color unique that will be chosen based on your complexion. What you choose says a lot about us so be careful even just about the tone. Making a mistake is unforgivable and leaves no room for criticism from the harpies.

Better to aim for those who are thin on the neck lacing so as to show the part of the shoulders and the tapered arms. Even if you do not have the height of a catwalk model, you will immediately look slender and you can also combine the suit with a sneakers. In many sites they recommend the dancers but unless you are in the hospital or at the mother-in-law’s house, avoid.

Two-piece suit - jumpsuit 10-4-22

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Accessories are a sore point because while for the bag and sandals you can create an easy match – in line with the style of the garment – for necklaces, earrings and belts it becomes more complicated. With tropical patterns, wooden and gilded bijoux will be worn, colder materials will be perfect with colors such as wisteria and all shades of blue. Never overdo it!

There are those who make mistakes with vests and those who make them with overalls but we are always here to remove even those small and insidious doubts that not even the bff (best friend) can dissolve.

Silvia Zanchi

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