Are you expecting a baby? Here is a list of particular names if it is female

Are you expecting a baby? Here is a list of particular names if it is female

Do you dislike common names and look for a beautiful but original name? There are many that are particular to girls and rich in meaning.

Your baby is on the way, and you know it's a girl, or you don't know it yet because you decided to wait for her birth to know her sex. At this point, however, you should have chosen a name, if you have not done so because you are looking for something special for your daughter, here are some ideas for you.
Names that are uncommon, and besides being beautiful for their originality they enclose very deep meanings.
Mothers often choose a child's name by following their instinct rather than their meaning, but being something that will bring their whole life with them, giving value to the name is not a trivial choice.

"Cloe": short, fast and impactful. It is a name that turns out to be the name of the name Demeter, which meaning is "tender grass".
"Deva": has Indian origins, and as can be seen from the word itself, means "Goddess, Divine". A strong and definitely important name to bring to life.
"Frida": a common name a few centuries ago and today a little more common in some foreign countries like Germany. It contains a powerful message, in fact it derives from the German "peace".
"Ilia": this has Russian origins and the name means "wild".

"Light" means nothing other than what is, or "light". Name full of charm and magic, which does not need to be explained.
"Rhea": directly from the mythology of ancient Greece, was the mother of Zeus. So name with majestic strength.
"Olisa": Always remaining in the sphere of names deriving from divinities, this represents one of the African culture.
"Aura": the "light wind" that's what it means. A short name but rich in emotion, which leaves a pleasant sound and a sort of magical halo when it is pronounced.
"Adriel": there is no certainty about its derivation. Some sources identify it in the term "flock of God" that belongs to the Jewish tradition. Others attribute it to the Hindi "rock".

"Miranda": typical in South America, little used in Italy, it is a warm and bright sounding name.
"Celeste": also of South American origin, very popular in the 80s and 90s, recently growing in Italy. Name that means "gift of heaven", what all the children of the world are.
"Tessa": name of ancient memory coined by Boccaccio as a diminutive of countess, it is among the rarest in Italy, in the last fifteen years only eighty girls have been called that.
In conclusion, when you choose the name for your child, make sure that together with the surname it does not give rise to ridiculous combinations or to an incompatible sound, avoiding future problems with distortions or opportunities for ridicule by other people.
Choosing the name well may seem like a trifle, but instead requires careful consideration.

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