Are you getting married? Better to share these embarrassing moments first

Are you getting married? Better to share these embarrassing moments first

To make the relationship work, it is useful to "experiment" with each other before taking the big step

You're one step away from marriage, and you think you know your partner like your pockets. You know what he prefers to eat in the morning, what he does in his spare time and what time he usually goes to bed at night. And yet, there are probably some things you have never shared that could be useful to tackle before you take the big step. To cement a union and make the relationship work, it is useful to "experiment" first with each other.

One of the first things to do is talk about your sexual life. Not only is it essential to tell each other one's past, but also to reveal to the other one's fantasies, or what you really don't like. Talk about it openly, although it can be embarrassing, and try to be as honest as possible.

Another way to establish a certain intimacy with your partner is to watch each other's habits in the bathroom. Of course, it is always good to maintain a certain level of privacy, but seeing the other with a mouth full of toothpaste or while shaving helps to create a stronger bond .. The climax of intimacy will be reached when you arrive to chat quietly while one of them is peeing.

Even standing by when one of the two is sick helps test the couple. When we have a high fever or a cold, it is obvious that our appearance suffers: disheveled hair, dull complexion and no make-up can embarrass us. But if we can get along well with him, without being worried about our sloppy appearance, then we have nothing to fear.

In a couple it is also important to manage spaces, both physical and psychological. Do not be embarrassed to set limits if you need them: for example, tell them without problems if they are disturbing you looking in your closet or opening your drawers. As you ask for respect, however, always be ready to give it too.

Do not forget then that to feel good together it is not always important to do something or talk. Sharing the silence, embraced on the sofa while everyone is absorbed in their thoughts, shows great harmony. At the beginning it may create embarrassment, but if you can do it you will be better off.

A good way to test your relationship before marriage is to take a vacation together: you will be forced to share time and space for a few days as if you were living together so you can test your strength and get to know you better .

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