Are you in love with beige trousers? Here’s how to wear them to be super cool

Pantaloni beige in estate 28-5-22.

Valid alternative to red and black in winter, protagonists of questionable monochromatic and unknowingly nude spring outfits, beige trousers enjoy a new life thanks to the bright colors of the warm season.

Orange, emerald green, light blue, fuchsia and – luckily – white. With a pair of beige trousers, whether they tie at the waist or fall soft at the palace or slim with a high waist, you can combine everything in this period and even more.

Beige pants in summer 28-5-22.

Source: Canva.

With colorful garments, however, the rule of accessories in a perfect match must apply in order to avoid the risky clown effect that, alas, constantly surrounds us with rising temperatures. Let’s find out which ones to choose for international looks.

Little effort, little time, a lot of versatility and great results with beige trousers

The beige total look should be avoided exactly as the garments of this shade that are too tight that show only the edges of the briefs should be banned. You have to choose your favorite shade (hot or cold), the model of the trousers and then when to wear them.

Classic beige trousers 28-5-22

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With a denim shirt you will have a true american style. Just like for the white linen blouse you will get a one hundred percent Italian style. These are the two most popular and loved combinations and they can be mixed by wearing a white masculine tank top under the denim shirt. in this case the trousers are better if they are wide on the leg and the sandal is flat.

As we often did in high school first and then in university, another option is that of a sweatshirt or one light gray jersey and one oversized sneakers (for the younger ones, ok even for a couple of Vans Old Shool).

As the international stars teach, even the most dull beige can be revived with fuchsia and other similar tones. A raspberry blazer like the one of Zara (49.95 euros) will go great with the garment of the day as long as you choose a sandal of the same shade or in any case a light high heel.

Summer beige trousers 28-5-22.

Source: Pinterest.

Questionable for purists of the genre at marinara, the short-sleeved or long-sleeved T-shirt with white and blue horizontal stripes. A moccasinin this case it is a must.

If you are out of shape then you will need to pay more attention to the model of the trousers and avoid those that are too tight or flared but you can and must also take them off the golf course.

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