Are you in love with your partner but are you cheating on him? Here are the reasons

Are you in love with your partner but are you cheating on him? Here are the reasons

Sometimes unhappiness has nothing to do: there are women who, though satisfied by life as a couple, betray their partner …

We always take for granted that if a woman cheats on her partner, it is because she is not happy with him. Not only does it seem to be the most probable hypothesis, but also the only plausible one: if you were satisfied with your relationship, what reason would you have to look for new adventures?

However, reality is more complex than we are led to think. There are women who betray their man even if with him they feel happy, or satisfied with their relationship.

The reasons why two people come together are many, and sexual attraction does not always apply. It may be that the couple shares the same interests and the same lifestyle, that there is great intellectual understanding and mutual esteem. This does not mean that things work well in bed. To compensate for this "deficiency", some women seek night-time adventures, without considering the idea of ​​leaving their partner.

Or it may happen that you are very well together, but not for the right reasons. In a long history it is inevitable that habit plays an important role. Some women identify the well-being that is experienced in the routine with a kind of happiness: for this reason they do not realize that they are dissatisfied but, at the same time, they feel the need to look for stimuli outside the boundaries of the couple.

Another reason that leads women to betray is the need for self-assertion. Just feeling comfortable in a story and thinking that you have nothing to prove can lead some people to look for strong emotions elsewhere. In this case, betrayal can be interpreted in an attempt to give a boost to one's ego, to once again experience the thrill of seduction and the unknown of courtship.

Even past experiences, especially during childhood, are important. A person who has had unfaithful parents is usually led to treason precisely because, in his subconscious, he considers him the "normal" model to follow.

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