Are you on this diet? Attention! There are mistakes to be avoided absolutely

errori dieta vegetariana

There is a diet that is very fashionable, but as much as it can bring benefits it must be done respecting certain rules: here are the mistakes to avoid.

When you decide to follow a vegetarian regime you should know that there are also some rules to follow. Often, in fact, due to lack of time, laziness and little knowledge, one ends up undertaking one unbalanced diet.

vegetarian diet mistakes

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In fact, by not consuming meat we have to integrate the resulting proteins in another way. And doing it by eye and DIY can sometimes be harmful. In fact, it often happens that those who follow a vegetarian diet alone end up making several mistakes.

For example, many find themselves a consuming too many carbohydrates even ending up gaining weight and others too many dairy products, with the result of obtaining a nutritional imbalance. So let’s find out what the mistakes not to be made with a vegetarian diet.

Here are the mistakes to avoid with the vegetarian diet

There vegetarian diet it can bring various benefits both from the point of view of the line and of the health provided, however, of knowing how to follow it correctly without running into some trivial errors.

vegetarian diet mistakes

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In recent years many people have decided not to eat meat anymore and to follow one vegetarian dieta diet that does not include the consumption of meat or even other vegan ones, which, in addition to meat, do not even include products of animal origin.

But when many start following a vegetarian diet they think they can do it yourself without relying on a nutritionist. This can lead to nutritional imbalances in the long run.

In a In fact, a healthy and balanced diet must never lack carbohydrates, proteins, and good fats. Therefore, excluding a whole category of foods such as meat and in some cases even fish, it is necessary to know how to integrate what is missing without these foods.

Very often in fact it runs into trivial errors, perhaps due to a lack of imagination, or a lack of knowledge in the food sector, as well as a lack of time and it ends up always consume the same things making the diet unbalanced.

So let’s find out what the common mistakes vegetarians make so as not to transform this regime into a diet that is harmful to health.

1) Go overboard with pasta and other carbohydrates. Pasta, bread, pizzas, crackers, breadsticks and other baked goods can lead to high blood sugar in the long run. Carbohydrates must never be lacking in the diet but must be between 45% and 65% of the daily caloric intake. Furthermore, this quantity must also and above all affect the consumption of cereals, better if whole. Abundance does not lead to benefits.

2) Consuming too many dairy products. Those who do not eat meat or fish often end up always turning to dairy products, forgetting instead to take the proteins deriving from vegetable products such as legumes, soy, tofu and tempeh. In fact, legumes require a little more time to be cooked, although you can always prepare them in advance and freeze them in order to always have them available. Here are the tricks for consuming them without having a swollen stomach. As for the quantity of dairy products to be taken, one should not abound. Definitely avoid the habit of consuming them every day, except for it yogurt which instead is a beneficial food and can be taken daily, find out which one to choose. Fresh low-fat cheeses such as mozzarella, ricotta, primo sale and so on are granted a couple of times a week. On the other hand, aged cheeses should be avoided because they are very caloric and rich in cholesterol and unsaturated fats, so it is better to consume them as little as possible and possibly once a week.

3) Opt for packaged products. For lack of time, many choose to consume packaged snacks such as snacks and other industrial products rich in additives and preservatives.

4) Overdo the fruit. If it is true that it is a healthy food and that it should never be missing in a diet, on the contrary, nutritionists recommend its consumption to the extent of three times a day, on the other hand you must not abound with the consumption of fruit as it contains fructose. which can make you fat if taken in large quantities, or in any case higher than your needs.

5) Drink fruit juices. Another product to avoid are packaged fruit juices because they are high in sugar. Those who follow a vegetarian diet are often led to choose them but instead it would be good to opt for fresh juices, juices and centrifuged freshly prepared with fresh fruit and without the addition of sugars.

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