Argentero and Marino, parents in love: the sweet photos of little Nina

L'attore Luca Argentero

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, more and more in love, shared some sweet photos of little Nina Speranza on Instagram

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino, from meeting their daughter Nina on the set: the story of a love

Luca Argentero and Cristina Marino are a couple in love, especially with little Nina Speranza. Although they are very reserved parents, they both decided to share on Instagram some sweet pictures of their daughter taken during a nice walk in the park.

It takes very little to melt the hearts of fans and the sweet Nina Speranza is simply irresistible. Luca Argentero shared in particular a shot in which the splendid companion Cristina Marino is seen sitting on the lawn, while the sun gently kisses her blond hair. In front of her (strictly from behind, so as not to show her face) the little Nina Speranza with a very tender hat with bear ears.

Even Cristina Marino, almost at the same time, wanted to share some happy moments with her daughter with her followers. On her profile a shot peeps out showing the sweet hand of Nina Speranza playing with the petals of a small daisy, which her mother holds lovingly in her hands. It is appropriate to say that spring has blossomed for the new family, happy as ever.

A few, simple but splendid words from Argentero captioning the Instagram post: “Heaven on earth”. And it is clear that as a partner and dad he is enjoying one of the happiest moments of his life. He has at his side the woman he loves and will soon marry, after four years of an increasingly solid and strong relationship. After all, the actor never misses an opportunity to praise his partner, just as he did as a guest of Silvia Toffanin at Verissimo just before last Christmas. "Life as a father is wonderful because there is a mother like Cristina, otherwise it would not be the same" – he declared on that occasion – "The secret is her. She is a wonderful woman and a fantastic mother ”.

What more could you want? But of course the wedding, which Cristina Marino herself announced just a few days ago in an exciting video shared in her Instagram stories. Preparations have already begun, so it cannot be ruled out that the ceremony (intimate, as it is in their style) can be held shortly. The last piece that will be added to this beautiful story, especially for the love of little Nina Speranza. A lucky girl, with two parents in love and who only have eyes for her.

Cristina Marino in Luca Argentero's post

Luca Argentero, on Instagram the sweet dedication to the women in his life

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