Arguing in front of children is a crime

According to the Cassation, it is a crime to argue in front of children. Violent quarrels would cause children psychological damage

According to the cassation, arguing before the children is a crime. A sentence of the Court of Cassation establishes that violent disputes are punishable by law.

The reason? According to the judges, disputes can be compared to family abuse. The case was examined by the Supreme Court after a mother had remembered being convicted of a violent quarrel with her partner before her children. Between the two the relations were tense for a long time and often resulted in episodes of psychological and physical aggressiveness, with threats and "damage to furnishings". After being judged by the Court of Appeal of Florence, the woman had requested the annulment of the sentence.

In his defense he stated that the children had never been "directly the object of aggression or abuse, nor of psychological violence", as also confirmed by the technical consultant of the prosecutor's office, according to which the children had not shown any psychological distress. Despite this, the Court of Cassation has affirmed that the maltreatments extend to all the subjects that are part of the family sphere, even if they are not directly involved.

For judges, in fact, particularly violent disputes can have "negative repercussions on the physiopsychic balance of the offspring and on the serenity of the family environment". This means that children forced to attend to the constant quarrels of their parents could suffer psychological damage. The hypothesis was also confirmed by Maddalena Cialdella, court consultant and family psychotherapist.

"We are talking about situations of very strong tension – he explained -, which occur in the event of difficult separations. The children are forced to take sides with their mother or father. This alters the relationship with parents ".

It is not only very young children who suffer the consequences of parents' quarrels, but even fetuses that, according to experts, would be able to perceive what happens in the external environment. "The children – the Court of Cassation disclosed in the sentence -. They can cause physical and psychological damage and indelible psychological injuries ".

Not only: "The mistreatment inflicted by one spouse on the other in the presence of children – he explains – can lead to the declaration of forfeiture of parental authority"

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