Arisa and Andrea Di Carlo, an air of crisis: the doubts after Domenica In

Arisa, Sanremo 2021

Guest on Domenica In during the usual Sanremo appointment, Arisa flew over love with Andrea Di Carlo. And doubts arise about a probable crisis between the two.

Sanremo 2021, the looks of March 6: fifth evening

As every year, the episode of Domenica In which is broadcast the day after the final of the Sanremo Festival sees the presence of all the singers who competed during the most important week of Italian television. After the conclusion of the 71st edition of the event, Arisa opened the event on 7 March with her delicate and poignant Could you do more.

Many compliments were given to her by the guests present in the studio, journalists and music experts. Arisa, visibly moved, commented with her face lit up with joy, stating “I want to thank a lot Amadeus, an extraordinary person, he made a very funny Festival and I also want to thank my staff”.

The passage speaks of a tormented love situation, made up of loneliness and (many) shed tears. For this reason, there was naturally no lack of questions that tried to extrapolate information on the singer's sentimental situation. In reality, Arisa is happily engaged to the manager Andrea Di Carlo, and on social media the couple appears carefree and cloudless. Arisa, however, did not respond completely convinced, apparently apparently annoyed. "I'm fine in love, but well (…) There is a lot of uncertainty" the artist commented, then saying that he would have preferred to tell everything next week, on the occasion of the appointment on Sunday In March 14, when he will be guest again by Mara Venier.

The journalist Roberto Poletti, however, has increased the dose by stating that a particular light emerges from the singer, synonymous with her loving joy. The interpreter of I feel good, however, preferred not to comment, trying in every way to divert the conversation and then ending the question with a firm "I am stationary. Today yes, tomorrow we don't know ”. What has ever happened then? Can you breathe the air of Crisis between Arisa and Andrea Di Carlo? The doubt is there, and it is fueled by the fact that in the last few hours the comments have been limited under a photo published a couple of days ago by the manager, and which portrays him while he is intent on giving an affectionate kiss on the cheek to his girlfriend. It would also seem that the singer has deleted a shot in which she appeared in the company of her boyfriend.

The picture of the situation appears decidedly singular. The couple, until yesterday, appeared to be close-knit and more united than ever: what happened? Did a fight that occurred during the night crack the relationship? We do not know, but it is likely that Arisa will open up on the matter next Sunday.

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