Arisa, Andrea Di Carlo's dedication on Instagram: "Whoever loves you knows"


The manager Andrea Di Carlo shared a romantic dedication to Arisa, confirming (in part) the indiscretion on an alleged return of the flame

Arisa: from short to shaved, to wig. The thousand changes of look

If there is a story that is capturing the attention of fans on social networks (and not only) it is that between Arisa and her ex Andrea Di Carlo. The singer and the manager broke up abruptly, after a difficult period. Although everything seemed to be going well, Di Carlo himself decided to put an end to the relationship one step away from marriage.

After six months of love, but especially after Arisa's interview with Domenica In, the manager of the VIPs had announced the breakup with the singer on Instagram, writing a long message that left no room for doubt: "We must take the distances from those who make you look like a nameless hologram, I'm not Mina, my name is Andrea. Love is for the brave and I am, and when you love you let those who are unable to make commitments free ". Di Carlo did not like Arisa's statements at all, nor did he take well the singer's loud tears at the sight of the video about their love story.

In short, in no time at all what seemed like an idyll of love has turned into a social tragedy. Arisa, for her part, showed a lot of strength, showing herself more beautiful than ever and aware of her life. Indeed, on Instagram she has become a real champion of positivity, with the only goal of looking to the future and leaving all the ugliness behind.

Andrea Di Carlo, however, seems to be taking a few steps backwards. Although it was he who put an end to the love story with Arisa, on Instagram he shared a story dedicated to her. A shot in which he is from behind, while the singer hugs him in a cheerful floral dress while showing a smile and a sweet look. It seems that the manager is retracing his steps, traveling in the memories of a broken love but with the hope that something could change.

The stories also has another detail that has not gone unnoticed by the fans. The manager, in fact, added to the shot with Arisa a musical dedication, to be exact some verses from the Laura Pausini song Io Sì, taken from the soundtrack of the film Life in front of himself with Sofia Loren and with which won a Golden Globe, also winning an Oscar nomination 2021.

"Those who love themselves know, you need enchantment and reality, sometimes what is there is enough, life in front of you", these are the words of the song. The social dedication of Andrea Di Carlo would seem to confirm what was revealed on the pages of Chi, who immortalized the couple exchanging a tender kiss. Could this be further proof of a flashback between the two?

Andrea Di Carlo on Instagram

Andrea Di Carlo, dedicates it to Arisa on Instagram

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