Arisa changes her look: blonde and with long hair on Instagram


Arisa once again revolutionizes her look and on Instagram she becomes blonde and with long hair

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Arisa once again surprises everyone with a breathtaking change of look: the singer has posted on Instagram a photo in which she is blonde and with long hair. Transformist, witty and always sincere: Arisa has hit the mark again, leaving the followers accustomed to seeing her with a very short and raven black cut.

"You have such an expressive face that your hair is just a frame," someone wrote. In fact, Arisa's intense gaze and full lips adapt both to a short cut and to straight and long hair. In a blonde version, the singer has bewitched Instagram, gaining thousands of Likes and many comments. This is just the umpteenth change of look of the artist who over the years has gone from the helmet with fringe of Sincerity, to the hair almost shaved to zero, up to a very long and brown hair. The blonde hair adds to the list of changes made by Arisa and is truly delicious.

A few weeks the singer had released a long interview with the weekly Oggi, revealing that she had a touch up on her lips, but that she regretted it. "As a former beautician I like to go around aesthetic medical centers – he recalled -, it is a world that interests me, I like new technologies and the evolution of treatments. Last year I succumbed to a touch up on my lips, but if I went back I wouldn't do it anymore. " Determined and sincere, Arisa has always been a positive body queen, prompting fans to accept her own body and love herself. “It may be right to change a part of the body if you don't like it, but the stimulus must come from you, not from the others – he clarified -. You don't have to change for Instagram's liking. "

Few people know it, but short hair is not only a habit for Arisa (who also looks great with long hair), but a necessity. In fact, the singer has repeatedly stated that she suffers from trichotillomania, a disorder that leads those who suffer from it to tear their hair involuntarily when under stress. For this reason, a short cut has always proved to be the best solution for the artist who, despite this, has never given up on changes of look.

Arisa Instagram

Arisa – Source: Instagram

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