Arisa dyes the world (and her hair) pink: a gesture with a profound meaning

Arisa con i capelli rosa

Arisa is gorgeous with the new look on Instagram, which hides a deep meaning that makes us excited

Arisa, the new life starts from itself:

Arisa, the new life starts from itself: “I just want to love”

“I see life in pink”, sings Edith Piaf in the famous La vie en rose. These sweet and melancholy words cannot but come to mind at the sight of the latest images shared by Arisa on Instagram. The singer had another of her “head shots” and changed her look, dyeing her beautiful hair a soft and delicate pink. A trendy choice? Not really, rather a gesture perfectly in line with his sensitive and love-hungry soul.

Arisa, pink hair and magnetic eyes

We know Arisa for her splendid voice, for her charisma and for that incredible sweetness that shines through every word or gesture. A woman who has so much to say, who has suffered and has never hidden it. Because if there is one thing that sweet Arisa teaches us it is that we must draw strength precisely from our frailties, from those pains that for a long time pull us down to the bottom of an abyss but, in the end, prove to be a spring to go further and further. up.

This time Arisa surprised us with a new look, showing herself on Instagram with the inevitable trendy fringe and a smooth and soft fold that enhances the soft and delicate pink color she has chosen. The singer has always had a very special relationship with her hair, something with which many of us (we cannot deny it) find affinity: for a woman, hair is not a simple ornament, but a tool with which to express moods, emotions, feelings. Changing cut or color is not only a way to “make yourself beautiful”, it is also the means to show an inner change and the desire for renewal.

She is beautiful, Arisa. And this look gives her face a new light, more intense and at the same time sweeter. The pink that colors her hair highlights her large magnetic eyes, a look that is worth a thousand words and gives us all the splendid complexity of a woman who carries within her so many stories to tell.

The meaning of the rose chosen by Arisa

We like to think that the pink chosen by Arisa for her new hair style is not accidental. In the last period there have been difficult moments for the singer, small but big disappointments for loves that started like a fire but then did not go through. If on the one hand she did not lack success from a working point of view – as in the case of Dancing with the Stars – on the other hand there is still that something that is missing.

Pink is a color we associate with our childhood, with the time when we play princesses as little girls and create incredible stories with our favorite dolls. A gentle, gentle and delicate color that smells of romanticism and femininity. But if we look at it more broadly, the pink that Arisa wears with elegance on her hair is also the color that best expresses our sensitivity, regardless of gender.

And if we were to color love, it would be just that. Not fiery and passionate love, but the purest and most romantic one, like in fairy tales. And yes, we like to think that Arisa chose it precisely to express this part of herself: the one that never stopped dreaming of a great story and the happy ending that we all dream of since childhood.

Arisa with pink hair

Arisa on Instagram with pink hair

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