Arisa finds the courage to be herself: the comments of the VIPs on Instagram

Arisa finds the courage to be herself: the comments of the VIPs on Instagram

Arisa finds the courage to be herself on Instagram and the VIPs comment with enthusiasm

Arisa: from short to shaved, to wig. The thousand changes of look

Arisa finds the courage to be herself on Instagram and the VIPs comment. The singer, once again, proved to be the queen of the positive body, posting a photo without makeup on social media, sending an important message.

"I know I'm not as beautiful as the girls I see in the newspapers and on social media, but I don't want it to be my problem anymore – explained Arisa -. There are many dear people in my life, whom I love madly, who do not adhere to the canons of beauty that this world offers us, yet nothing would be the same without them for me. So I wonder why only I should feel less lovable with my face, my age and my cellulite. Is a human being what he is, what he gives, or what appears? Every problem becomes a problem only if we allow it to exist ”.

Arisa talked about her difficulty in accepting herself and in fighting against the judgments on her body. The singer started from herself, rediscovering the pleasure of loving and accepting herself. “It's time to wake up – he concluded -. Feeling wrong makes us great buyers. It depletes our value; it divides us and the world falls apart. Let's love each other for who we are. We are #bodypositive Vita ”.

An extraordinary message that with its strength has reached thousands of people. Just as happened with the cover of Vanessa Incontrada, naked on the cover against criticism for her body, Arisa also used her popularity to make fans think. To welcome the words of Arisa not only the fans, but also many famous people. “Arisa you are fantastic and you have a spectacular voice, and you are also very beautiful – wrote Elisa -. As you are. Thank you for your heart-good words. A big hug". A comment to which the artist herself replied: “But is it really you? Thank you so much dear. Coming from you it's a dream ”.

Under the unfiltered photo of Arisa there was also the comment of Valentina, Chiara Ferragni's sister. "You are beautiful", wrote the influencer. “One of the truest and most useful confessions ever read”, the words of Francesca Barra. “How beautiful you are”, added Adriana Volpe, while Paola Turci wrote: “How beautiful you are”. Also exciting are the words of Rudy Zerbi (“You are so beautiful”), Giulia Salemi (“What a beautiful”) and Cristina Capotondi who has published red hearts.

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