Arisa in a bikini on Instagram is gorgeous and gives us yet another lesson


In bikini on Instagram, Arisa is gorgeous and, once again, she gives us an important lesson

Arisa: summer in freedom, between friends, family and thoughts without censorship

Arisa in a bikini on Instagram is gorgeous and gives us yet another lesson. Born Rosalba Pippa, the singer is not only a great artist, but also a strong and splendid woman who over time has become the queen of positive body. Very popular on social media, Arisa has always exploited her popularity to launch important messages by pushing fans to accept their bodies, challenging stereotypes and a society that imposes perfection at all costs.

Beautiful and natural, Arisa has shown herself over the years for what she is, without filters or deceptions, telling about her weaknesses, fears, but also the desire to overcome them. Paladin of body positivity, the singer of Sincerità has fought in every way against body shaming and is an example for many women who struggle to accept their physical appearance and to achieve personal well-being. Normality is precisely the strength of Arisa who, once again, wanted to give us an important lesson. In fact, the artist posted on Instagram a shot that portrays her in a bikini, without hiding those small imperfections that make her unique and gorgeous.

“I am an orange tree, a milk sandwich, a goddess”, wrote Arisa, also adding some significant hashtags: #bodypositive #ilikeme #women #nature #rosalbapippa #ricominciareancora #loveyourself #loveyourbody. It is not the first time that the artist hits the public with Instagram posts full of meaning and important, in which he dispels the myth of the perfect and unattainable showwoman. The singer is liked because she is "one of us", because she is not afraid to take off her mask, because she does not use filters. Its truth comes direct, strong, unique, leaving the reader breathless.

It is no coincidence that the post was commented by many followers. “Beautiful, a real woman!” Someone wrote, but we also read: “You are wonderful”, “Unique”, “You are wonderful”. Arisa is experiencing a particularly happy period not only from an artistic point of view, but also in terms of love. The artist is on vacation in Sardinia with her historical boyfriend Lorenzo Zambelli. The manager and Rosalba are back together after a brief separation: an important story that continues to give emotions to the singer.

Arisa Instagram

Arisa – Source: Instagram

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