“Arisa is not made for couples”: Andrea Di Carlo’s outburst

“Arisa is not made for couples”: Andrea Di Carlo's outburst

After the (definitive) breakup, Andrea Di Carlo goes back to talking about Arisa: “He’s a genius, but now it’s over”

Dancing with the Stars 2021, the full cast

The long push and pull between Arisa and Andrea Di Carlo has now come to an end, after months of second thoughts the break seems incurable. While she is busy dancing with the stars, her new dance step adventure, her ex works behind the scenes on the show. And now, after a long silence, he has decided to tell his version of events.

Arisa, the outlet of the former Andrea Di Carlo

Theirs was a rather short love story that broke all promises. Both dreamed of getting married, having children and living the classic fairy tale which, in this case, had anything but a happy ending. Andrea Di Carlo, talking about himself in an interview with the weekly Oggi, has no doubts: “This break is definitive. Arisa is an extraordinary person, a genius, an artist with a capital A. But it’s not meant to be in a couple, or at least not with me “. For several months, the two recovered and broke up in a flurry of feelings that never subsided. Then, during the hot season, everything seemed to be back in its place.

“This summer everything went very well” – admitted Andrea – “I followed her on her tour, I was her lover, boyfriend, husband, assistant. Then, after a trip to Naples for work, everything fell apart ”. An evening spent together in the crowd, at the mercy of the eyes of many strangers, made the manager understand that there was something strange: “I had the impression that, more than anything else, he wanted to show others that he had a man”. Obviously set aside all the wedding intentions (“I am reassured. Artists take you into their world, they make you feel special, but they can destroy you” – he said in this regard), the two have not been able to mend their relationship.

Now Andrea Di Carlo seems to have found the smile next to Elisa, a woman he had already met in the past, and with whom he allowed himself some social shots that portrayed them in intimate attitudes. The farewell to Arisa is just a memory, but it also resurfaces at work. She is in fact the protagonist of Dancing with the stars, as well as two artists represented by her ex (Morgan and Federico Lauri, to be precise). To avoid painful backstage encounters, the singer would have asked Milly Carlucci to change the rehearsal shifts. Or at least this is what Di Carlo says, and that Arisa herself has already denied.

Arisa, a new adventure

After the many rumors of her alleged farewell to Amici, where she took on the role of singing teacher, Arisa confirmed her decision to leave the talent show desk. In addition to wanting to complete his recording commitments, the artist wanted to devote himself to a new experience. And so here she landed in the cast of Dancing with the Stars, where she has already shown remarkable skills and won the favor of both the jury and the public.

Great is the emotion for her to perform on the stage of the Rai1 broadcast. So much so that, in the hours following the first episode, she admitted that she was unable to fall asleep. It is at a dance pace that Arisa wants to forget the amorous disappointments of the last few months, alongside an exceptional dancer: Vito Coppola. The two form an amazing couple, and during the next Ballando events they will surely give us pleasant surprises.

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