Arisa kisses her ex on Instagram: "Give me your heart"

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On Instagram the kiss between Arisa and Andrea Di Carlo: backfire between the two?

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Arisa kisses the former Andrea Di Carlo on Instagram. Continue to discuss the love story between the manager and the singer in a continuous back and forth. A passionate and strong love story, but also full of contradictions, with Arisa and Andrea who broke up and recovered several times, without ever hiding their difficulties.

A few weeks ago Arisa had confirmed the end of the relationship. The couple had set (and then canceled) the wedding for next September, convinced that they did not want to go back. The singer and former coach of Amici had appeared very determined, but perhaps something could have changed.

In fact, in these hours Andrea Di Carlo has published a shot in which he kisses Arisa, tagging the singer. “I have a sexy proposal for you – he wrote accompanying the photo -: shall we grow together? Give me your heart baby, you are my lady ”.

No comments from the artist or the manager who in fact neither confirmed nor denied the flashback. A few days ago Di Carlo had already commented on a photo of Arisa on Instagram, hinting at the desire to get closer to the artist. "You think I don't know how to write, nor think for myself – she wrote, perhaps referring to her ex -. And instead, do you know that when we are together I try to come to yours so as not to fight and I shut up? We have different views or perhaps too similar to get anything good out of it. In front of the mirror we find love, and for both you and me, it takes … someone truly capable of loving ".

Shortly after Andrea's reply (later deleted) arrived in the comments: “To love you need the heart, not the head – he revealed -. To love it takes courage and the desire to grow. Night baby ". It is not clear whether Arisa has returned to Andrea's arms, certainly there is a strong feeling between the two that often leads them to clash, but also to find each other every time. A great love that seemed to have finally brought happiness into Arisa's life, so much so as to push her to dream – as she herself revealed to Mara Venier during Domenica In – the wedding and a child.

Andrea Di Carlo's post with Arisa

Andrea Di Carlo's post with Arisa

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