Arisa: "My poem for women (and a photo in which I finally love myself)"

Arisa: "My poem for women (and a photo in which I finally love myself)"

Arisa publishes a poem dedicating it to women (those who are reborn in the middle of the desert) and a photo in which she confesses to "like each other, meet and love each other"

Arisa is going through a period of change and rebirth. He has written it several times and made it clear on social media, where he decided, initially, this summer, to get naked by showing his own imperfections and not caring about clichés and judgments. Then choosing to say enough to filters and masks, appearing simply for what she really is, finally free to be the Rosalba who has always been afraid to show herself. And to love each other for what they are.

And the fans appreciated her sincerity, just to paraphrase the song that brought her success 11 years ago, and the desire to tell about herself with transparency and honesty. Arisa then began to use social media as a sort of diary, telling thoughts, emotions, considerations about the world and about herself.

In recent days he has published on his Instagram account a poem dedicated – as he writes – "to women and to those who feel like that". Especially to those who manage to "run free in the middle of the desert".

Poetry for women and for those who feel such:


Everything that has been has served: it runs fast towards the horizon and disappears from my eyes.
It is soothing to watch the one go away from afar now, the one that just yesterday hardened the ribs in my neck, made me clench my fists, and blushed my face.
Do I look sadder, more serious?
And instead you know?
I just became a woman.
You talk to me, I listen, I smile, I breathe, it doesn't weigh on me at all, you never affect me.

(Heartless. I impose it on myself. But I change my mind and I don't know: I have a big heart. What can I do? I can only be careful that it doesn't crush me. You, with all your half sentences, that every concept is a I am leaving. I hate you and you are the only one I would love. Temporary condition. I hope. Typically of all, once or more in life. Too much importance to the word "love". I replace with self-care. I pronounce it in a distinct tone and already I emancipate myself from You. In dreams everything is possible.
In reality: I write and you cannot read. This is the serious object of the dispute)

Woman, do you become one when life gives you the medal for the value of those who know how to lose?
Maybe, but I don't feel lost, wherever you turn there is a horizon.
You can love everything and everything else, be reborn as a jet of pure water that is released fresh and transparent in the middle of the desert of the NON.

And you, how do you want yourself? Are you happy with how you live, with what you are?

Ask, always ask yourself.

Know yourself.

This photo by @niko_coniglio is a gift for us, I've never posed like this. I've never seen myself like this. I like myself very much. I find myself, I love myself, I would hug myself.

(and I tell it to me … I sing it and I play it 😏)

Modesty aside

It would be nice if each of us occasionally dedicated a poem to each other, wrote letters and stopped to think of herself as one thinks of an inseparable twin sister, that confidant who will never leave us.

Basically it is so.


(#pippaosho 🤲🏼)

Is it understood that I love you?

(Of this I'm sure🤗)

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