Arisa, the importance of having someone close to you who says "you are beautiful"

Arisa, the importance of having someone close to you who says "you are beautiful"

Arisa tells on Instagram how lucky she has finally found a man who tells her millions of times "you are beautiful", freeing her from the doubt that she is not.

Arisa is experiencing a period of "grace". She has finally found the great love, the one that is making her decide to "capitulate" (the marriage with Andrea Di Carlo probably at the end of the summer) and also on the professional front things are booming: her participation in Sanremo 2021 was between the most appreciated, and even if the song was not among the most voted, its interpretation and intensity, its wonderful voice, were the umpteenth confirmation of a unique talent.

For some time then, the Lucanian singer has been carrying out on social networks a campaign on body positive and self-acceptance, which began this summer with the publication of shots that highlighted her physical defects, once a source of shame, today brazenly displayed with pride and pride. A demonstration that also and above all our imperfections can become strengths.

In these days Arisa has published new photos on her Instagram profile, in which she shows her breasts, shapely and once the cause of large complexes, today among other things marked by some stretch marks due to age, writing about how she has finally learned to love him. And the merit, in addition to the aforementioned path of acceptance, also and above all goes to having finally found a partner capable of saying "you are beautiful" millions of times, regardless of everything. Because "we need someone who makes us feel beautiful: it frees us from the doubt that we are not and makes us safer to love and love".

When I was little my breasts were a big problem. Tonight I was looking in the mirror and thinking about how much I like it now. It's less toned than when I was 20, and has some stretch marks that I now find delightful. I have met a man who can tell myself that I am beautiful a million times a day and I have learned from my previous history that compliments are not to be rejected. Plus Andrea loves my belly, and when I'm about to get pissed he makes me laugh. I need someone who makes me feel beautiful because it relieves me of the doubt that I am not, and that's one less problem. Feeling okay makes me feel more confident about loving myself and loving. Quite the opposite of what we tell each other. And I'm not just talking about a hypothetical partner.
Nice time to spend with friends, family members, people you get along well with.
Time is running out, take care of it. There is so much to live.

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