Arisa, the tormented relationship with her body and her boyfriend's gay past

Arisa, the tormented relationship with her body and her boyfriend's gay past

Arisa with an open heart told of the tormented relationship with her body and of Andrea Di Carlo, the man who changed (for the better) his life

Arisa is a woman like us. A very talented artist, she was loved by the public not only for her undisputed vocal qualities, but also for her genuine humanity. Both on social media and in interviews, he has never hidden his weaknesses, those that accompany all of us in life. We are women and just as such we often allow ourselves to be influenced by prejudices, which draw us so far from those stereotypes that want us to be perfect at all costs.

The singer, who at the moment we see engaged as a teacher at Amici 2021, opened her heart in an interview with IoDonna magazine, talking about the relationship with her body, how it has changed over time and, above all, how much love can positively affect the perception we have of ourselves:

“In the end, being good with one person makes you feel good with the rest of the world. I had a troubled relationship with the body. Before, my breasts were a problem, now, even if they are less toned than at twenty, I like them. As a child, then, I was clumsy. There was a moment when I wore jeans with a high ponytail, like Madonna, and they really bullied me. "

Enjoying yourself is the first step to being happy and now Arisa is experiencing a golden moment, from a professional but also a sentimental point of view. After a long back and forth with Andrea Di Carlo, the serene seems to have finally returned and it is also thanks to him, to a relationship that has managed to overcome the dark moments with his head held high. A man who, in short, despite words flying to poison, is now a splendid certainty for the singer.

Arisa, who also posed for some glamorous shots during the interview, is now more beautiful than ever and shines with a charm that starts from within. After all, from his words emerges the great change and maturity achieved, after having lived for a long time a tormented relationship with his own body and his own image:

“I, on my own, would have always been like this, but in certain periods I had close people who were my first judges. From there, the diets, or I touched up my lips, but the problem was not the lips: it was that I felt frozen, I could not bloom, I did not feel loved. Instead, having someone next to you who makes you feel beautiful frees you from the doubt that you are not. "

The love story with Andrea Di Carlo proceeds at full speed. The clouds of misunderstanding that have spread a veil over the couple in recent months have dissipated, even breaking up after planning the wedding. In the interview Arisa does not spare herself and affirms very candidly that "Andrea is there" and that his constant presence does not mean "control", but "care": "He knows what I like, I what he likes. The cure is to feel that he is with you, even if he is at a distance. This is the first time this has happened to me ”.

The singer also took the opportunity to return to a detail of their relationship, unveiled just recently. When they met, Andrea had just ended a relationship with a man, which did not upset her at all. Indeed, if there is one thing that he has always appreciated about him, it is the great passion he puts into what he does and the freedom with which he makes his decisions:

“She had had a boyfriend for a long time, but that didn't scare me. I know that I am passing through this earth, so I want to live life to the full. When we talk about sexuality, we are all philosophers, all good at saying that love has no sex, but when your time comes, what do you do? Do you back away? (…) He is a very free person and love, when it arrives, you feel it and it takes away all your fears. And, if a person loves you, you know it. "

And yes, Arisa is more beautiful than ever precisely because she has regained her dimension. The confidence that transpires from her words and from her sweet and captivating gaze is that of a young woman ready to make her dreams come true. And among these there is also the marriage with Andrea Di Carlo, which she would like to celebrate in Pantano di Pignola, the Lucanian town where she was born.

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