Arisa, the truth behind the farewell to Amici: “I have not abandoned”

Arisa, the truth behind the farewell to Amici: "I have not abandoned"

Finally Arisa reveals what really happened between her and Maria De Filippi, explaining why she left “Amici”

Arisa, the new life starts from itself: “I just want to love”

After a wonderful experience as a singing teacher at Amici, the sudden goodbye: Arisa left the show hosted by Maria De Filippi in a completely unexpected way, so much so that someone wondered if problems had arisen between her and the presenter. The artist has finally decided to tell the truth, talking about the reasons that led her to leave and about an afterthought that has come too late.

Arisa, because she said goodbye to friends

During the summer, numerous voices had chased each other that spoke of the alleged farewell of Arisa, ready to renounce the role of judge to Amici. The news was then confirmed with the presentation of the cast of the new edition: Lorella Cuccarini took her place, while Raimondo Todaro arrived behind the dance chair of the talent show. It was almost an exchange because, if the latter left Dancing with the stars to land on Canale 5, Arisa went the other way. It is in fact one of the competitors of the new season of the broadcast conducted by Milly Carlucci, starting on October 16.

Intercepted at the very end of one of the grueling test sessions by SuperGuidaTv microphones, the artist unbuttoned a bit about what really happened in the past few weeks. “I have not abandoned Amici. Maria and everything she does, has always kept me company with me and my whole family, since I was little ”- revealed the singer, thus implying that she is absolutely on good terms with De Filippi. The reason she left the talent is to be found in some commitments that worried her.

“Let’s say that I had an impasse for a moment, because I didn’t know if I would be able to finish my record” – admitted Arisa – “There was the tour, there was the single, there were a lot of things. And I was already unable to finish the record after Sanremo, because I was playing Amici, which is very demanding ”. In all this, there was also room for some doubts: “When I began to pack all the things and I told myself that I could stay a little quieter, I proposed again. But they had already done so, because I had been quite peremptory ”.

Arisa, from Amici to Dancing with the stars

Nothing to do for Arisa, who at the last moment had a second thought about her farewell to Amici. But if that door has now closed, a door has just opened wide: it is that of Dancing with the stars, which will see her protagonist next to Vito Coppola. There have been many rumors about her participation, especially regarding some alleged clauses that she would have included in the contract, to avoid meeting her ex Andrea Di Carlo – manager of some VIPs in the race – behind the scenes.

In this regard, the singer revealed: “The contracts are clear, that’s absolutely not the case. We try not to see each other so we don’t fight. But it’s not a clause and contract thing ”. Of course, the situation is delicate, but it does not even require Milly’s intervention: “In addition to being who we are on the outside, we are also something else inside, and as happens in normal couples it takes some time“.

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