Arisa, who never cries twice for the same thing: the lesson on Instagram

Arisa, who never cries twice for the same thing: the lesson on Instagram

Arisa shared a thoughtful (and revenge) post on Instagram: a lesson to follow, not to cry twice for the same thing that hurt us

Arisa, the new life starts from itself:

Arisa, the new life starts from itself: “I just want to love”

The growth path that Arisa has been following for some time cannot be ignored. Because, when you have the courage to break a pattern, people can’t help but notice it. On his official Instagram profile, he has offered – and on several occasions – valuable lessons, which should lead us to reflect. Particularly touching is her post in which she admits she never cries twice for the same thing – a great sign of inner strength, advice we should listen to.

Arisa, the lesson on Instagram is for all of us

“Madam, your daughter is very intelligent but she feels stupid, she necessarily wants to look like her classmates because she thinks they are better than you, and even with boys she always thinks she is not up to par, she stares at the wrong ones and then cries “. We find ourselves in the thought of Arisa, who undoubtedly showed the fragility of the past, which she later chose to fortify.

What struck deeply was the final gloss: “But he never cries twice for the same thing“. And this is the point from which the artist started again: it is useless to fall continuously, to let oneself go without control. Tears are used to throw salt on wounds, which over time heal and remain as wonderful scars, a reminder of who we were, who we are and who we will one day be.

Arisa, the growth at Dancing with the stars 2021 between awareness and safety

And it is precisely at Ballando con le stelle 2021, an edition that he won paired with the dancer Vito Coppola, that Arisa has found a new dimension. The dance gave her the impetus to renew herself, to fortify herself. Security is a quality that can be acquired over time: the singer, moreover, has repeatedly admitted that she did not have an easy childhood. A victim of bullying, she was teased by her classmates, and these are things you never forget, but you only cry about once.

We follow his example: we learn that we can fall, that we can cry, but that we only have to do it once, to learn the lesson and to come back stronger than before. To acquire the courage of a new awareness, like Arisa, who has chosen to look to the future without fearing the past, willingly accepting it as an old friend who has made her who she is today.

Arisa and Vito Coppola, a special feeling

We loved them at Dancing with the Stars 2021: they were splendid in every respect. Not only good on stage, gritty and energetic, but above all authentic and genuine. The question we ask ourselves is: are they a couple? Of course, for the moment they are inseparable: they spent the Christmas holidays together in Naples. “Look who is with me, look how beautiful this baby is”, in a story on Instagram, Arisa had shown herself together with Vito. For the moment, there are no certainties, but we would like to see them together: the singer deserves to dress her heart in the most beautiful feeling in the world, without shadows or fears.

Arisa, the wonderful lesson on Instagram

Arisa, the wonderful lesson on Instagram

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