Arisa without veils on Instagram: "Enough shame and questions"

Arisa without veils on Instagram: "Enough shame and questions"

Arisa on Instagram shows herself without veils and sends an important message

Arisa: from short to shaved, to wig. The thousand changes of look

Arisa shows herself naked on Instagram and once again launches an important message, becoming the champion of body positive. Brave and determined, the singer has always spoken with great sincerity to her fans, revealing insecurities and fears also linked to her body and a past marked by bullying.

She has never backed down from the need to send important messages to all women and beyond, demonstrating her enormous strength. The last shot posted on Instagram portrays her without veils and beautiful, determined to love herself for what she is without fear. "But do you know what it is? – wrote the singer, commenting on the shot – There are things that you will not be able to do anymore … time passes and who knows how it will end, but here and now I am this. Enough shame and questions, enough if, enough but… I want to celebrate and thank my parents who made me beautiful, perfect in my own way ”.

Arisa has never hidden that in the past she had experienced an inner struggle with herself and with the need to accept her own body. Today she feels unique and gorgeous. Fresh from the success of Amici 2021 and strong with the affection of the fans, the artist told of his desire to love himself for what he is. Today more than ever, after the end of her love affair with Andrea Di Carlo, she seems determined to focus on herself in order to start once again. Already a few months ago, the singer had published a shot without veils on Instagram, inviting all women to accept themselves and launching a message that exalted the positive body.

“This photo is a gift for us, I've never posed like this – Arisa explained with great sincerity -. I've never seen myself like this. I like myself very much. I find myself, I love myself, I would hug myself (and I tell it to myself .. I sing it and I play it). Modesty aside. It would be nice if each of us occasionally dedicated a poem to each other, wrote letters to each other and stopped to think of herself as one thinks of an inseparable twin sister, that confidant who will never leave us. Basically it is like that. Beloved ".

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