Arisa’s haircut is the 2022 pixie that looks good for all ages

Arisa's haircut is the 2022 pixie that looks good for all ages

The 2022 pixie cuts inspired Arisa’s brand new haircut, who is rediscovering her sensuality: here’s how she wears it and how we can wear it!

The pixie cut is named after the make some Irish fairy tales. It is a very short haircut, which completely reveals the nape of the neck and renounces lengths also on the sides. The only concession is the tuft which can be worn shorter or longer to decline this look in many different styles.

hair cut arisa 2022

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Arisa, who plays a lot with hair styles, has decided to give her pixie cut a punk and grunge font. Inspired by the music and fashion of the eighties and nineties, this style provides long asymmetrical and pointed tufts, often worn uncombed or in small ridges.

It is definitely about a rather aggressive hair style, which does not go unnoticed and which must be “supported” by a strong and slightly over the top character.

However, this does not mean that Arisa’s pixie cut cannot be “softened” to adapt to other types of styles and especially characters.

How to wear the pixie cut 2022 at all ages (and with all hair types)

The short cut is practical to wash, dry and model. It only requires frequent visits to the hairdresser to keep it in shape, but it is absolutely worth it.

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The key features of this cut are the very short length at the nape and slightly longer and rebellious tufts on the top of the head.

In summer it is perfect for playing with colors and highlights to give the idea of ​​a “beach look”. It can also be modeled with foam and fingers for an easy and ultra-fast styling, so it is really the dream of all women who are always in a hurry or who do not like to spend a lot of time on styling.

Since this cut concentrates all the volume on the top of the garment minimizing that in the temple area is suitable for those with a round, square or heart face, because it will make it look longer and more balanced in size.

Those with a rather square face will be able to play with longer and softer locks on the sides of the face in order to sweeten the oval. On the other hand, those with a rounder and chubby face should aim for slightly more geometric, defined and structured cuts at the top.

The pixie cut also suits very well those who have the slightly oval face, but it is to avoid if you have an oblong face, that is, very elongated, both rectangular and oval in shape. The reason is that it will make your face appear even longer and out of proportion! If you have exactly this type of face, here we have recommended all the cuts that are most suitable for you!

As for the age for which the pixie cut is appropriate, this hair look must be acknowledged an enormous advantage: it is suitable for all ages. All it takes, to feel comfortable with the pixie cut is a cheerful and playful personality.

pixie cuts 2022 over 40

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It is also a perfect transitional cut between that period of life when we continue to dye our hair and that liberating moment when we decide that we have had enough and that white hair is beautiful.

Such a short cut allows you to get rid of wasted lengths from wild styling or by now indefinable color for too many colors that have been done over the years.

This is in all respects the perfect cut for close with the past and start a whole new chapter of our life!

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