Armless surfer rides the waves with his belly

Armless surfer rides the waves with his belly

Her name is Bethany Hamilton, the photos of her with her baby bump and the board, ready to challenge the waves, are depopulated on social networks

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Her name is Bethany Hamilton, she is 25 years old and is pregnant for the first time. Her case is making headlines, just like that of the model who is not fattened during pregnancy, giving birth to a healthy son of over 3 kilos.

Bethany has a passion in life that she would not give up on anything in the world: surfing. Nothing stops her, neither the baby bump at the thirty-sixth week of pregnancy nor the lack of an arm that was amputated 13 years ago after being attacked by a tiger shark.

Here she is then posting her business with the table on social media. Very blonde, with a fluorescent bikini, she proudly shows the rounded shapes of the sweet expectation and is ready to dive back into the sea without showing the slightest fear of the gigantic waves she has to face with an incoming baby.

Bethany had justified herself for some time by taking her mother as an example:

My mother also surfed throughout her pregnancy, with me in her belly. And I will continue at least until the eighth month.

Now that he is in the ninth month he doesn't think of quitting. Of course, in order to be able to face this impactful sporting activity, Hamilton undergoes a specific training that also includes long walks with her husband and colleague surfer Adam Dirks and their two dogs.

Nothing can stop it. Not even when at 13 he lost 60% of his blood after the serious shark accident. Then her friends saved her, three weeks later she was already on the surf. And now she is a real champion. We will see how much time will pass after giving birth, before returning to ride the waves.

In recent years, in addition to challenging the ocean, Hamilton has written books and in 2011 her story was also told in a film. Bethany, who confessed to being a very believer, has launched several charitable initiatives: two years ago he founded "Friends of Bethany" to support wounded and mutilated sharks.

We just have to make a big good luck for the new adventure that is about to live: the birth of a son.

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