Ashley Graham mother tris: the most anticipated announcement on Instagram

Ashley Graham

After 40 weeks of waiting and a baby bump that never stopped growing, Ashley Graham announced the birth of her twins on Instagram

Ashley Graham pregnant with 2 twins, proudly displays her baby bump on Instagram

Ashley Graham pregnant with 2 twins, proudly displays her baby bump on Instagram

Ashley Graham is a mom, for the third time. After the last photos of the baby bump, which continued to grow, finally the announcement of the arrival of the twins who was waiting with great enthusiasm. Mom and little ones are fine but the joy is really overwhelming. The super model is already the mother of a boy, the proud older brother of the two children who came into the world on January 7, 2022.

Ashley Graham mom, the announcement on Instagram

The new mother announced the happy event: “Justin and I are so excited to share that our children are here. They were born early this morning at home, they are happy and healthy. It will take some time to recover and be with my husband and my three children, but I can’t wait to share it all with you. With love, AG “.

The last few weeks have certainly been the most difficult ones. However, the weight of the baby bump did not scare Ashley Graham, who continued to share all the best moments of her pregnancy. His shapes have changed radically over the months, but he didn’t want to hide them. Indeed, he wanted to demonstrate that the body can be shown. And be beautiful, even with some soft curves and pregnancy shapes.

The baby bump has become a work of art

In total state of grace, Ashley Graham spent a happy and enthusiastic pregnancy. He did it until the end, until that fortieth week which he immortalized with a photo on Instagram and a green sweater, raised like a frame to highlight the greatest joy.

She is free and irreverent, which is why we like her so much. For years, it has been an icon of body positivity. He is not afraid to show his body, with all the defects that we have in common. And yes, she feels beautiful. The months spent waiting for the twins have shown, once more, how her being happy and resolved has been an added value, for her and for those who conceive her as an example.

The arrival of the twins after little Isaac

A joy that adds to the great happiness of being Isaac’s parents, for Ashley Graham and Justin Ervin, who have announced the arrival of the children, born in the house as they once were. The model had already had the opportunity to talk about her relationship with motherhood, which she is living with the fears that are common to all of us women: “I learned to love in a way that I would never have believed, never. People tell you, they try to explain, but you can’t understand it until you have a child of your own. “

The news that she was expecting not one but two children did not scare her and, on the contrary, she fantasized about the possibility of having three men in the house: “What? Will we have three boys in the house? I don’t believe it, it’s wonderful ”.

In her battle to assert the beauty of the natural body, with its strengths and weaknesses, she found a staunch supporter in her husband Justin: “He told me that my stretch marks on my belly resemble the tree of life.” A solid and in love couple, who opened 2022 with the greatest joy.

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