Ashley Graham: the beauty of being curvy

Ashley Graham: the beauty of being curvy

Here is the report card of the looks of Ashley Graham, curvy supermodel in demand and super top

Ashley Graham is a super top who has imposed herself on the media as a curvy model: with an objectively beautiful face, she cleared the theory that only sizes 38 can go on the catwalks. What is her beauty? Which, in addition to bringing her curves with elegance and style, has become a model of body positivity: even us mere mortals, looking at some of her looks, we can learn clever strategies to learn to value ourselves. Here are a few.

Ashley Graham, the beauty of being curvy: at the Etro fashion show

The sweetheart neckline is perfect for highlighting the bust. The important thing is always to contain it: the linen in this case is essential. The cups must hug the breasts and if, as in this case, the shoulder strap does not support enough, the hip must be wide enough to support the cups. Also notice how the waistline is highlighted by the belt, in order to make the figure sinuous and feminine.

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Ashley Graham, the beauty of being curvy: at the Fendi fashion show

The game I see I do not see makes the look refined, covering without suffocating. Personally, I prefer this kind of footwear that frees the instep, instead of the sandals with the lanyard that Ashley normally uses: they slender and slim the ankle.

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Ashley Graham, the beauty of being curvy: in white

Here too, beware of appearances: shaping underwear was used under the white dress, containing it precisely in the sense in which it contains and shapes the shapes, giving the physiognomy a soft shape and supporting the décolleté. The wide neckline is fine, the important thing is that the breasts are supported.

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Ashley Graham, the beauty of being curvy: in black

I personally love this diva look. Here you can see that Ashley is not very low-cut, but has perfectly balanced her figure: the choice of the elaborate decoration on the shoulders balances the line of the hips. She could easily wear a very simple décolleté: it would still have been perfect.

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Ashley Graham, the beauty of being curvy: drapery

The draperies are a very useful optical expedient in the case of a curvy body, also ideal in the choice of swimwear. The use of diagonal lines that intertwine while remaining soft, is perfect for making the figure move optically by decentralizing attention. The split completes the whole by adding a touch of sensuality.

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