Ashley Graham, this "big naked girl"

Ashley Graham, this "big naked girl"

Ashley Graham continues her battle under the banner of "body positive": the latest photo posted on Instagram is a selfie of her naked in the mirror

Ashley Graham, curvy model: her "body positive" lessons

Ashley Graham, the most famous curvy model in America and also on social networks, continues with determination her campaign under the banner of body positive, to demonstrate how one can be happy even with a body that does not reflect the normal standards of perfection. Ashley not only shows off her abundant forms but also, for example, the signs of pregnancy on her body, stretch marks and "sagging" in the foreground.

One of the latest posts published on her Instagram account immortalizes her naked, in the mirror, taking a selfie, with her body, "buttery" and the signs of her recent pregnancy in the foreground and the comment alongside: "A big naked girl" .

Graham has become a champion of this trend, closely followed by many other influencers and celebs, more and more inclined to appear natural, without filters or artificial superstructures. Arisa, with us, is a prime example.

Ashley went even further, clearing other taboos related to motherhood, such as breastfeeding in the sunlight, using a breast pump or accepting the inevitable physical changes in your body. "Life changes for the better, but nobody talks about the recovery and healing that mothers have to go through," Tempo said in an interview.

Ashley told how to reach self-acceptance and the awareness that she could be an example for others was a long and not always easy path: "I have tried everything to lose weight, but I have never succeeded. For this I have decided to give up. We cannot be perpetually at war with ourselves, in search of an ideal that forces us to unnatural measures. And then, I'm sure: what is in people's hearts and heads is the most interesting expression, the one to cultivate and affirm. Hard to believe, but the weight factor is really irrelevant. It is not for the numbers you read on the scales that people love you, but for what you can express ”.

“It takes determination and willpower to be successful and to like oneself. All this goes through a dialogue with one's own body. I have begun to appear natural and intend to continue to do so, not just for me. I think my courage gives security to many other women, who recognize themselves in my way of being. You are brilliant, you are beautiful, you are strong: I repeat it to myself every morning, and in the end I believe it. This is why I show myself natural, it is part of my path ”.

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